Kalimdor Cup Extended: Race to Your Victory

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Kalimdor Cup Extended: Race to Your Victory

Blizzard has announced that the thrill of the Kalimdor Cup will be extended until September 4.

The heroes of Azeroth are in for an additional chance to experience the adrenaline-packed event. Kalimdor Cup was originally set to conclude on August 28. However, Lord Andestrasz now offers an extra week-long opportunity to engage in 16 heart-pounding races. As before, there are different levels of challenges to choose from. You want to test your mettle with Normal? Game on. You want to take the challenge up a notch or two with Advanced and Reverse variations? No problem! Head to the event’s starting point in Valdrakken. There, Lord Andestrasz can’t wait to launch you into the exhilarating tracks. 

Daredevils and racing enthusiasts, don’t miss out on seizing this extended window. The time is high to prove your skills across the diverse tracks, vying for glory and a slew of enticing rewards. From coveted gear to in-game reputation, the array of prizes is nothing short of impressive. For a detailed list of the rewards, check out the article below.

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Bid farewell to the tedium of hours spent navigating tracks. Seize the moment and embark on your journey towards victory! 

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