”I Remember You” Addon: Never Forget a Player Again

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Redditor Grayvves has created an addon named “I Remember You” so WoW gamers can easily recall the players they have met before.

"I Remember You" Addon: Never Forget a Player Again

Key Takeaways

  • Redditor Grayvves has created the addon “I Remember You” to help WoW players recall people they have met more easily.
  • You can download this addon from CurseForge. The link is included in this article.
  • If you only want to block the toxic players, then you may want to check out the Personal Blacklist addon. The link to download it is also included in this article.

Players usually cross paths and engage with one another on their journey across Azeroth and beyond. While some of these encounters can be bothersome, most of them are generally enjoyable. Yet, not every encounter is positive enough to add a new player to your friend list. To help remember such players, Redditor Grayvves has introduced a convenient addon called “I Remember You.”


What Is The “I Remember You” Addon

The “I remember you” addon lets gamers add a short note about any other player. All you need to do is right-click on their portrait and select ‘Remember’ from the dropdown menu. The next time you meet that player in a group or raid, your note will appear on the screen, reminding you of how you encountered that character. If you want to remove unwanted notes, you can delete them using the command “/memory.”

“I Remember You” allows you to store memories of encounters with players, whether they belong to your faction or the opposite one. The addon’s creator has also shared plans to improve its functionality by introducing new features in future updates.

How To Get The “I Remember You” Addon

How To Get The

Interested in getting this addon? You can download “I Remember You” on Curseforge by following the link below:

How To Get The “Personal Blacklist” Addon

How To Get The

And if you only wish to get rid of the toxic players that ruin your gaming experience, then you may want to check out the “Personal Blacklist” addon here:

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