Dragonflight: How to Get Mythic Keystone Achievements

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All you need to know about how to get Mythic Keystone Achievements, both Keystone Master and Keystone Hero!

Dragonflight: How to Get Mythic Keystone Achievements

Key Takeaways

  • Mythic dungeons are crucial endgame PvE content in WoW with exclusive prizes.
  • There are four Keystone Achievements: Dragonflight Keystone Explorer, Conqueror, Master, and Hero:
    • Keystone Master Achievement’s requirements: gain Mythic+ rating of 2000. The rewards include Verdant Armoredon mount, Emerald Mark of Mastery, and ilvl 476+ items.
    • Keystone Hero Achievement’s requirements: gain Mythic+ rating of 2500. The rewards include the Armoredon mount, ilvl 480-483 from the weekly Great Vault, The Dreaming title reward.
  • How to obtain Keystone Achievements: Clear all Season 3 dungeons. Higher Keystone levels and faster completion times yield higher scores.

Mythic dungeons are a staple of endgame PvE content in World of Warcraft. Players can test how far they can push these challenges and receive various rewards. And to add, there are exclusive prizes await those who truly show mastery of the Mythic difficulty. 

In this article, you will find everything you need to know about how to obtain the Keystone achievements for Dragonflight Season 3 and all that comes with it.

What Are Keystone Achievements

There are four milestones that M+ runners strive for: Dragonflight Keystone Explorer, Keystone Conqueror, Keystone Master, and Keystone Hero. These achievement tiers not only serve as benchmarks for player accomplishments, but also unlock exclusive prizes available solely during the respective season. However, the most enticing rewards and unique accomplishments lie in conquering the Keystone Master (KSM) and Keystone Hero (KSH). And so, our attention today is centered on them.

Keystone Master Achievement

Keystone Master in World of Warcraft is earned by achieving a Mythic+ rating of at least 2000. You must successfully navigate challenging dungeons within set time limits, facing increasingly difficult enemies and mechanics. Collaboration within a dedicated and coordinated group is often essential to reaching this milestone.

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Keystone Hero Achievement

To get the Keystone Hero in World of Warcraft, you must attain a Mythic+ rating of at least 2500, marking a significant step beyond the Keystone Master milestone. Recognized as the pinnacle of Mythic+ accomplishments, the journey is challenging, but for those seeking assistance, the Dragonflight Keystone Hero boost is your most reliable option:

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How to Get Keystone Achievements

Getting Keystone Master and Keystone Hero achievements follows a similar process. The difference is in the amount of points you need. Getting a necessary score sounds not too hard, but if you try to go and get it as it is, you may realize it’s easier said than done.

To get the desired Keystone achievement, first, we need to understand how Mythic rating works. Just like in previous expansions, starting from Key Level 2, each M+ dungeon of the season has an affix. Affix is a special condition that applies to particular dungeon elements, making the run a lot more challenging than usual. Affixes that interest us are Fortified and Tyrannical. These two alternate every week and they are important for our Mythic rating score. You can learn more about other modifications in our Dragonflight Season 3 Mythic Plus Affixes Tier List.

Your final score is a sum of points you get from clearing every mythic dungeon of the season on both Tyrannical and Fortified affixes. Other things that affect your score are the keystone level and time limit. Based on all the information above, we have made the following guidelines that will keep you on track to seasonal achievement:

  1. Make sure to clear every dungeon of Season 3 on both affixes. Clearing any of them for the first time will considerably boost your score.
  2. Do a higher Mythic dungeon Keystone level. The harder the dungeon you complete, the higher the final score.
  3. Make it fast. More time left on the clock means more points in the end.

For Keystone Master you should hit the 2000 mark after you complete all season three dungeons on both Fortified and Tyrannical affixes at key levels 13 and above.

Keystone Hero will take a bit more time and effort because you will have to make a big push toward that 2500 mark. Although you can mix and match dungeons to your liking, the easiest way to get Keystone Hero is by completing +17 and +18 Mythic+ dungeons in time. This is where the challenge begins. To tackle harder dungeons and meet the time limit, you need a highly coordinated group of players who know what they are doing.

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Tips and Tricks

We have some extra tips and tricks to help you on your path to KSM and KSH achievement.

It is a well-known fact that some specializations perform way better than others in a Mythic dungeon environment. Playing them means you can have an easier time finding groups and going through dungeons themselves. If you have good performance as any specs from the list below, consider bringing them to your M+ runs. 

Achievement Rewards

Similar to the previous season, upon reaching the Master milestone, you get both Dragonflight Keystone Master: Season Three and Dragonflight Season 3 Master achievements, as well as Verdant Armoredon mount reward and Emerald Mark of Mastery. And thanks to our Dragonflight Amoredon Mount Boost, you can enrich your collection of mounts in no time.

Pushing it even further to a 2500 Mythic rating gets you Dragonflight Keystone Hero: Season Three and Dragonflight Season 3 Hero. This provides you with an account-wide unlock, the Emerald Blossom Dreamstone. This item reward activates a visual effect for some of Amidrassil’s class sets.

Reaching such high rankings also means you get all the related achievements, earning you The Dreaming title reward.

And this is a wrap for our guide. We hope it was of use to you. Happy gaming!

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Hald Twinpack
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Thanks for the information but with out a mythic keystone how do you even get one.
I looked at joining a group for mythic zero as in my mind that is a start but there are not any in the four times I have looked.
Does that mean I need to start a group myself?


Yes, to obtain a keystone, you need to complete one M0 dungeon. Right now, we are at the end of Mythic Plus Season 3, so fewer people are creating M0 groups in the looking-for-group tool. It’s actually faster to create a group by yourself. If you don’t have any experience, just inform the group members, and they will help you navigate through it.