Fashion of the First Ones Achievement Guide

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Patch 9.2 has introduced one of the funniest companions in WoW Shadowlands — Pocopoc. A little but very helpful robot follows your characters in Zereth Mortis and entertains them with a variety of customization functions. Not only Pocopoc’s body and components colors can be changed, but the whole costume too. Collecting all the Pocopoc’s possible costumes is a requirement for the achievement called Fashion of the First Ones, and you’re about to know how to do it!

Collecting Costumes

In order to unlock this achievement, you need to find nine pieces of outfit. In fact, all of them are just different kinds of hats, except for the Dapper one, which also gives a remarkable mustache. These hats are exactly those «costumes». Mainly they are in the loot of the treasures of Zereth Mortis, but due to other specifics of each case it will be better to look at them one by one.

Admiral Pocopoc

Pocopoc‘s way to become an admiral is not hard at all. You must use a Dangerous orb of power at the coordinates 58.73 73.01 and bring it to the Forgotten Pump by coordinates 58.6, 72.9 within two minutes. A rescued Submerged Chest will contain an outfit with a Tricorn hat.

Adventurous Pocopoc

A search for a Safari hat for the appearance of Adventurous Pocopoc is not very adventurous. A treasure called Template Archive is to be found at the coordinates 59.61 46.19 in the Nexus of Actualisation. Clicking an interactive orb in its second room will open the way to the treasure. That’s all: now your Pocopoc can wear a very familiar hat…

Chef Pocopoc

The Chef Pocopoc’s hat is in the Bushel of Progenitor Produce. To open it, the Nascent Servitor automa needs to be killed at coordinates 47,4, 88,3 in order to get 5 stacks of an effect called Creation Catalyst Overcharge. Once it’s done, a door at the 47,4, 95,2 can be opened. Just a few more actions, and Pocopoc is dressed as a chef!

Dapper Pocopoc

Unlocking the Dapper Pocopoc appearance requires completion of the questline that starts from quest Finding Tahli. It’s obtained when the Sopranian Understanding power in the First Ones Cypher console is researched. Once it’s done, you can loot Architect’s Reserve that you may have noticed while completing these quests.

Peaceful Pocopoc

Peaceful Pocopoc’s is one more appearance for gaining which you must unlock Sopranian Understanding power and complete the questline starting from the quest Mysterious Greenery. During its completion you’ll get to the Blooming Foundry. It contains an Unripened Protopear at the coordinates 63.6, 73.7, which needs to be pollinated five times using the clouds of green gas that can be found nearby. Now your Pocopoc can wear the Crown of Flowers!


Pepepec costume that places a Pepe on the head of Pocopoc is in the Pilfered Curio, which is on the top of a stone spire at 60.86 42.98. There are plenty of ways to get on the top even if you still can’t fly in Zereth Mortis: for instance, by using Venthyr’s Covenant ability. Or, maybe, some forgotten toys can finally be used.

Pirate Pocopoc

Before making your Pocopoc a pirate, you must research a Dealic Understanding at the First Ones Console. If it’s done, a Coreless Aurelid at the coordinates 35.1, 70.2 can be activated, and with its help Pocopoc will bring Drowned Broker Supplies from the depths of water. His pirate hat is in this treasure.


Pocobold is made by placing a candle on its head. (Don’t show it to any familiar cobold.) The candle can be in one of the Prying Eye Discovery, which randomly spawns at one of the three spots at the following coordinates: 34.31 44.31, 35.32 43.72 or 48.01 66.41. Also candle’s loot is guaranteed in Rondure Cache, but player’s nerves safety while reaching it is not that guaranteed. Choose wisely.

Wicked Pocopoc

After completing a daily quest Materials of Creation you can ask Firim for an item Firim’s Spare Forge-Tap. (You may have already asked him for it to complete another achievement — Traversing the Spheres.) With it you can continue using the little spheres on the ground of the location, until a Kismetric Circlet is received. Now the spheres will drop Trace Engimet and Eidolig Particles, combining which with Ephemera Strands will give an item Kismetric Disc that starts the eponymous quest. Its reward is a witch hat that turns your companion into a Wicked Pocopoc.

Lovely Regal Pocopoc

Yet there are only nine appearances to collect, Lovely Regal Pocopoc is a reward for collecting other costumes for Pocopoc — you will receive it right after accomplishing the Fashion of the First Ones.

As you see, sometimes achievements are quite easy to do. But if you have suddenly remembered some other WoW achievements that will surely need to be carried, you know where to seek help!

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