How to get Coppers the Kobold pet in The War Within

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One of the exciting and unique additions in the upcoming expansion becomes a new non-battle pet named Coppers the Kobold.

How to get Coppers the Kobold


We created this article based on all the data known at the moment, and we will update it as soon as new information becomes available. 

Coppers is not just a pet. It is a versatile companion that serves as a vendor for items like Blacksmith Hammer, Mining Pick, Echoing Flux, and Crystalforged Cauldron. More than that, it is a new The War Within repair NPC, ready to fix your gear whenever needed! Having this companion by your side not only benefits you but also your teammates, as they can also interact with him. If you are wondering how to get Coppers the Kobold in The War Within, this article will provide comprehensive data known at the moment of TWW Beta.

How to get Coppers the Kobold pet vendor

So, how do you get this adorable creature? First, you must reach level Renown Rank 2 with the faction The Assembly of the Deeps to get the Snuffling trait. Once earned, start digging in patches of Disturbed Earth, which you can find throughout Khaz Algar locations. Make sure you will not see these rock-like Earth piles marked as treasures on your minimap, but they are easy to spot thanks to the outline mode.

How to get Coppers the Kobold
Source: Wowhead

Since this Disturbed Earth object is interactive, once you dig it, you trigger an event. It could be a bunch of mobs spawning, a rare item, or just a mound of Wax for you to loot. These will give you some treasure loot, but what you want from these piles is the Odd Glob of Wax.

How to get Coppers the Kobold
Source: Wowhead

Once you are done, travel to Gundargaz in The Ringing Deeps and find Middles at coordinates [47.6, 35.2]. This NPC will be glad to receive some Wax from you, so be sure to contribute to his collection! Even though the amount of Wax you can give to Middles is five, you must contribute a total of 50x Odd Glob of Wax, so prepare better before spending your time commuting. 

Upon contributing 100%, find Gnawbles [47.6, 35.2], who can be located near Middles in Gundargaz. This Kobold will offer you the Thanks for the Wax quest, and the reward for completing it is 1x Firelight Ruby. Use this Ruby to purchase Coppers the Kobold from the Scritchscratch vendor at coordinates [47.6, 35.8], which is still in Gundargaz — once bought, congratulations on becoming a lucky Coppers pet owner!

Final words

How to get Coppers the Kobold
Source: Wowhead

At the time of writing, it is unknown if this adorable pet has a cooldown like Guild Herald, as the overall idea of summoning a constant repair NPC whenever you want sounds too neat. If Blizzard does not burden it with any cooldown, you do not have to summon an Auto-Hammer or a 10-minute span Jeeves anymore if you want to repair something or sell useless items! This sounds great, as it can be truly frustrating to realize you forgot to clear out your bags while you are in the middle of an instance or a raid where you cannot summon your Traveler’s Tundra Mammoth.

As for Coppers himself, what are your thoughts on this new pet? Are you planning to obtain it once The War Within is live? Share your opinion in the comments!

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