How to Craft Shadowlands Legendaries

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Since the game’s release, a huge number of legendaries have appeared. Each of them is relevant only in the expansion in which it can be obtained. Those who play Classic Era are well aware of Sulfuras, Thunder Fury, and Azzinoth Blades, which can take months to obtain.

In Shadowlands, the developers introduced a new system of legendaries and gradually improved it throughout the expansion. These items allow your character not only to get increased characteristics and high ilvl, but also add a unique passive ability that greatly increases the overall power.

Legendary Changes in Patch 9.2

With the release of Zereth Mortis, the legendaries have changed. One of the main innovations is the ability to wear two of these items at once. The second innovation is the introduction of additional ranks, which allow you to increase the ilvl of the carried one.

The second one has its own unique effect that applies to your covenant. When you change covenant or specialization, the effect will also change.

It’s worth paying attention to the Torghast. The developers decided not to force players to go there on a regular basis and allowed them to extract some reagents in Zeret Mortis, as well as increased the amount of resources for the completion of the Tower.

The Best Double Legendaries for all in 9.2 Eternity’s End

Just a couple of weeks ago, players had the opportunity to use two legendary items at once. The developers announced this back at the Shadowlands release, and now users are deciding which double legendary items work best together for their classes.

The second one is not unique and depends on which covenant the character is in. For your comfort the covenants were divided by letters: N – Necrolord, F – Night Fae, V – Venthyr, K – Kyrian. Below you will see a table for all classes and specs and their best combinations.

You can read more about choosing a legendary item at the end of the post.

Base Items and Legendary Crafting

To begin with, it’s worth knowing what the ranks are. This is an ilvl obtained when you craft a leg from 190 to 291. In order to create a legendaries, you need a base item, which can be created by profession or purchased at auction. Depending on the ilvl of your base, the ilvl of the obtained will also increase.
The second important element is Missive, which determines the secondary properties of your future item. You can create them yourself with the Inscription profession or buy them at auction. The last one is to obtain Runecarver Memories. This is exactly the effect that our character will get after equipping. After collecting these resources and having received everything from Torghast, we can go to the Runecarver.

How to Upgrade Legendaries in 9.2

To start with, you can create a high rank at once. To do that you need the Vestige of Origins reagent. You can get the recipe for its creation by completing chapter 5 of the Zereth Mortis Campaign – Crown of Wills.

Professions for making Vestige of Origins:

These resources can be obtained by completing activities in Zereth Mortis, passing Torgast, participating in PvP or PvE.

Runecarving costs and resources to create and upgrade legendaries:

How to upgrade: If you want to create an item, this is the amount you need. If you want to upgrade, you must subtract the amount you spent on the item you already have from the amount of needed rank. For example, to upgrade from Rank 5 to 6 you need 1 150 Soul Cinders, and to upgrade from 6 to 7 you need 2 000 Cosmic Flux. If you want to upgrade from rank 2 to 7, you will need 3 150 Soul Ashes, 1 650 Soul Cinders and 2 000 Cosmic Flux.

Best Legendaries to Craft in Shadowlands 9.2

First, you should pay attention to the table we presented above. The Memory effects listed there were chosen specifically to combine with the Unity effect. Each class has 1-2 legendaries that will work best. Most often it’s worth paying attention to their effects — some will give a bigger boost in solo target, and some in AoE.

It’s worth keeping in mind the chosen covenant, specialization, talents and activity that you are going to take part in. Remember that even M+ and Raids can be very different when choosing.

For example, the ideal choice for Venthyr Havoc Demon Hunter in a raid is Darkglare Boon, while for M+ it is Night Fae cov and Collective Anguish/Burning Wound legendaries. In raids we need to tunnel bosses more and deal damage steadily, while M+ requires frequent mob cleaning, which means more and higher AoE damage. You have to adjust to the situation.

Crafting is not as difficult as it seems, but sometimes it is easier to buy everything you need at auction. Farming resources will not take you much time, and with the release of patch 9.1 and you can even pass Cinders on the account. Torghast generously rewards players and now it is quite possible to accumulate everything you need in one week.

If Torghast is difficult for you or you just want to complete its passage as quickly as possible, you can always buy a boost here.

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