Get 100 Travel Points with Happy Pet Snacks in Dragonflight

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Do you want to get the Ash’adar, Harbinger of Dawn mount? Are you looking to earn extra Travel Points in WoW to fill that bar? If so, consider stocking up on Happy Pet Snacks.


These tasty treats not only make your battle pet content. They are also a great way to finish one of February’s Trading Post objectives. Breanni is who you should find if you want to get your hand on these bites. The supplies vendor for your companions is in the Magical Menagerie shop, Dalaran. They are sold in bundles of five for 50 silver.


To use, summon your battle pet, then right-click on the treats in your bags. Feed your companion by clicking on it. Once a heart appears over its head, the mission is one-fifth completed. Let the little guys nibble on the food five times to finish the task and earn your well-deserved 100 Travel Points.

So, stock up on the snacks and get ready to collect your reward!

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