Full Hunt for the Harbinger Playthrough, Rewards, and Review

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With Patch 10.2.7 out and about, here’s a complete Hunt for the Harbinger playthrough, its summary, rewards, and a detailed review of the questline.

Full Hunt for the Harbinger Playthrough and Review

The Harbinger questline is eagerly awaited by players following the release of Patch 10.2.7. It all starts with Khadgar calling upon the player and Alleria Windrunner to Dalaran, seeking a solution to the looming threat posed by the Harbinger. For a deeper dive into the storyline, we invite you to explore our complete Hunt for the Harbinger playthrough below and immerse in its unfolding narrative.

Hunt for the Harbinger Playthrough: Complete Questline

What Happens in Hunt for the Harbinger?

With Khadgar and Alleria Windrunner by our side, we set out on a mission to uncover the secrets of the enigmatic Dark Heart and its unsettling connection to the mysterious Harbinger. Through conversations, we gain insights into the origins of this relic and how it gained power from Iridikron.

Venturing into the questline, we journey across Telogrus Rift and beyond. Along the way, we encounter void rifts and face the growing danger of the Harbinger. Alongside Alleria, we explore the capital of the Void Elves, witnessing disturbing void activity and slowly uncovering clues about the Harbinger’s true identity. Eventually, we confront the Harbinger in Ulduar and discover that it is none other than Xal’atath.

As revelations unfold and threats escalate, we navigate through memories and void-infested realms. Ultimately, we face to face with the grim reality of Azeroth’s impending doom. Back in Dalaran, we meet up with Khadgar and Jaina to share our discoveries. Together, we contemplate the dire consequences of Xal’atath’s return and the mysterious Radiant Song.

Alliances formed. Plans are in motion to combat the looming threat. And we’re left pondering the uncertain future of Azeroth and our role in defending it against the encroaching darkness.

Hunt for the Harbinger Quest Rewards

Here’s the full list of rewards you can get by completing the Hunt for the Harbinger quest chain:

Hunt for the Harbinger Review

Hunt for the Harbinger Questline Review

In contrast to Blizzard’s misstep with Reclaiming Gilneas, Hunt for the Harbinger is actually interesting. The voice acting quality has significantly improved, now with more emotions and devoid of the dragging pace seen in Shadowlands or the outset of Dragonflight. The revisit to Telogrus Rift is enthralling, showcasing its beauty and mystique. And as for lore lovers, the questline offers a deeper exploration into the mysteries of the Void.

However, the gaming experience is dampened by the overwhelming number of players crowding the quest locations. It’s heartening to see that the WoW community is still alive and actively engaging in the game. But it would be better if quests tied directly to the game’s lore offered the option for solo completion, free from unnecessary distractions. Currently, Hunt for the Harbinger is hampered by persistent lags. Certain parts of the quest chains are unplayable. And the swarm of players makes spotting NPCs within the crowd no different from searching for a needle in a haystack.

Adding to the list of issues, in the quest “The Path Taken,” where players must eliminate bad memories, only the first player to tag the mobs can have their quest counted as completed, causing frustration and bottlenecking progression. Classes lacking spammable AoE abilities face particular difficulty in tagging mobs. They have to wait for a long time and struggle to secure that first hit. In such cases, it’s advisable to join or create a party to increase the chances of tagging the mobs and completing the quest.

That said, Blizzard may want to consider creating a separate layer just for one player, similar to the artifact weapon quests in Legion.

Setting aside the technical challenges, this quest chain effectively fulfills its purpose in preparing players for the upcoming expansion, The War Within. The questline doesn’t reveal much about the Harbinger (Xal’atath) and her intentions. Only her voice and silhouette are present throughout the quests. However, it’s understandable that Blizzard wants to keep certain details under wraps to sustain anticipation for the Worldsoul Saga’s first chapter.

What about you? What do you think about Hunt for the Harbinger questline? Let us know your opinions in the comments!

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