WoW Esport 2023: AWC and MDI Plans Announced

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The Arena World Championships (AWC) and Mythic Dungeon International (MDI) have arrived. This year’s prizes consist of $1,600,000 in total. All contestants shall be gifted with a Thunder Banner of the Aspects along with the main rewards.

You can watch both of them live on World of Warcraft’s official Twitch and Youtube channels. If you want to participate in these two arenas with your team, the registration section at GameBattles always welcomes you.


AWC 2023 has two seasons, coinciding with the ones in Dragonflight. Qualifying matches take place throughout the season. Four Cups, with prizes up to $20,000 each, reward each region’s most potent squad.

Source: World of Warcraft

The Grand Finals consists of the four strongest teams. You are guaranteed a place in the Finals if you make it to the top three contestants. Meanwhile, if you rank from 4th to 8th, you still have a chance to join the AWC Gauntlet. Here, you must defeat the remaining contestants and prevail until your team is the last one standing. Then, and only then, you will win the right to compete with the others for the most valuable prize of the tournament.


Season 1 of MDI 2023 starts on February 1, and so do the Time Trials. After that, 24 world-best candidates will divide into three groups: A, B, and C, contesting for $30,000 and a seat in the Global Finals.

Source: World of Warcraft

If contestants aren’t successful in rivaling for a spot in the MDI Groups, they still have an alternative way to enter the final round. Like the AWC Gauntlet, the Last Stand Tournament provides them with an opportunity to advance. They have to overcome all the other teams to remain the two strongest ones to reach the final competition.

Once eight teams have been chosen from the lot, the Global Finals will take place. These elite candidates will contest for $300,000 and the MDI 2023 Global Champion title.

Speaking of Mythic Dungeon International, we can’t help but mention The Great Push (TGP). While MDI focuses on speed-running through dungeons, TGP’s main objective is to push the keystones’ level as high as possible.

The prize pool is up to $1,100,000: $300,000 for the Global Finals and over $800,000 in prize money throughout the year. These are the two events you definitely don’t want to miss.

The arenas will be the rotation of four Dragonflight dungeons and four others from previous expansions. As of the upcoming tournament, the affix is Thundering.

AWCand MDI Season 1 enrollment is now available. Don’t forget to sign-up if you are interested in being the ultimate champion of 2023.

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