Blizzard changes Emissary of War quest in The War Within

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The new expansion is just around the corner, and alongside other nifty features, Blizzard changes the Emissary of War quest in The War Within!

Emissary of War quest in The War Within


We created this article based on all the data known at the moment, and we will update it as soon as new information becomes available. 

While the current Dragonflight version of the Emissary of War quest necessitates completing four dungeons on Mythic difficulty, things change in the future. Instead of the current requirement mentioned above, you can finish 4 dungeons on Heroic or Mythic difficulty and earn a Cache of Nerubian Treasures reward. 

Emissary of War quest in The War Within: Archivist Frithrun

Once you obtain this Cache, you will find an epic 610-item-level piece of gear inside from the Heroic-difficulty Nerub’ar Palace raid. Like in Dragonflight, when the Dungeon Event is active, you must be at the maximum level to pick up this weekly quest from Archivist Frithrun in Dornogal, Khaz Algar. Low-level characters will see a gray icon with a lock instead, indicating they must reach level 80 to accept it.

Emissary of War quest in The War Within: Archivist Frithrun

Currently, it is unknown where Archivist Frithrun is in Dornogal because The War Within is still in the Beta phase. The exact time when the Dungeon Event will start is also a mystery, except that it runs weekly. However, we will keep updating this article with new data, so stay tuned!

The War Within Leveling

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