Complete 4 Mythic dungeons for 2 extra Bronze Bullions this week

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This week, you can complete 4 Mythic dungeons for 2 extra Bronze Bullions, thanks to the Dragonflight Dungeon Event!

Bronze Bullions

The Dragonflight Dungeon Event runs from June 18 at 8 AM to June 25 at 7 AM in the US and from June 19 at 6 AM to June 26 at 5 AM in the EU. During this time, you can pick up the Emissary of War quest from Kazra, who can be found at coordinates [49.6, 60.0] in Valdrakken, and receive 2x Antique Bronze Bullions upon completion of 4 Mythic dungeons. Of course, Mythic+ ones also count, but if you want to quickly finish this quest, joining other players’ M0 groups or creating your own is recommended.

Emissary of War: Bronze Bullions

After collecting 2 Antique Bronze Bullions, you can spend it on the Scales of Awakening for your Nasz’uro and Fyr’alathand epic Awakening ilvl 493 gear you can upgrade up to ilvl 535 with Crests and Flightstones if you have not received anything good from the chest. You can also purchase various cosmetics and even the Jigglesworth, Sr. mount from the Antique Bronze Bullion vendors in Valdrakken. If you want to see all the Bronze Bullions rewards, take a look at the following article:

Before completing the Emissary of War quest, remember that Season 4 Mythic 0 dungeons are now more challenging than before. Being well-prepared is crucial, but do not worry – we have an excellent article that will provide you with all the required information about the current Season 4 Mythic level squish. Be sure to check it out:

The Emissary of War quest is another suitable method to gear up your alts before The War Within releases and obtain unique rewards like the Jigglesworth, Sr. mount from Shadowlands. Since time is swift, we recommend completing it once you have the opportunity.

The War Within Leveling

70-80 in 6 hours or 1-70 in a day! Optional extras include 500,000 gold, Lore Master of Khaz Algar, Khaz Algar glyph hunter achievement. No bots, no hacks, no exploits. Money-back guarantee

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