Dragonflight Warlocks: One Deathbolt, Millions of Damage

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Warlocks are powerful in World of Warcraft. None can deny their destructive potential. They harness the powers of demons, leech life, resurrect allies, summon minions, hang curses over your head, and more. But none has ever encountered a Warlock so fatal that they one-shot other players with a single Deathbolt. Yet, the WoW community has seen the impossible. Players encountered calamitous Fel magic users who destroyed them with a spell in both the open world and the PvP arenas.

As it turned out, there was a simple and accessible exploit in the game that allowed you to turn the Deathbolt into a fearsome weapon for several million damages per hit.

You can find a lot of complaints about dangerous warlocks with a demonstration of the monstrous damage of the skill:

The exploit is pretty simple and related to damage scaling on low-level creatures. First, cast Unstable Affliction and Deathbolt on a low-level creature. Then Soul Rot and again Deathbolt, but this time on your desired target. The rest is just watching them fall to their demise.

The unreal damage can be reflected, however, if you use the appropriate skills. For example, Nether Ward. And the warlock shall become the one who suffers from their own noxious magic.

Blizzard seems to have fixed the problem. They will likely act against those who exploited the arena bug deliberately or for personal gain.

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