Dragonflight’s Questionable Advertising Campaign on Facebook

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The World of Warcraft official account released a questionable advertising campaign on Facebook. They decided to play the passive-aggressive card of sarcasm. The intention was to steer more toward an entertaining approach. Using the identity of the Dragon Isles’ inhabitants, they responded to players’ criticism of the new expansion. As we know, dragons sometimes look at mortals with distrust and even arrogance. The role-playing has been so successful that many feel cringed or offended by the content of these ads. You can take a look at some of the examples below:

Sometimes, such an audacious idea may work in their favor and widely spread in the game community and beyond. But, it wasn’t the case for this campaign. The tone was too provocative and judgemental. Blizzard has taken down most of the advertisements due to the backlash from the WoW fanbase. Yet, this will stay a big topic for discussion in the time to come.

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