Dragonflight Patch 10.0.5 New Twist: Dragon Racing in Reverse

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You have flown every route available. You have achieved “gold” on all tracks. You don’t want to repeat the same challenge. Yet, you still want to enjoy the feeling of exhilarating and liberating flying in the sky with your trusted companion. If so, Patch 10.0.5 is here to satiate your thirst for exciting flight with a new twist to dragon racing with reverse routes. The familiar paths will now be traversed in the opposite direction, adding a fresh layer of challenge and novelty to one of Dragonflight’s most beloved features.

To participate in a reverse race, you must first demonstrate your mastery of the course by completing it in the standard direction. You will also earn “bronze,” “silver,” and “gold” achievements based on your time of finishing the track. These achievements also contribute to larger, location-based, overall meta-achievements, adding an extra layer of competition.

For those who master the art of reverse racing, the ultimate reward awaits. The “Reverse Racer: Gold” title is reserved for those who demonstrate exceptional skill and precision by earning gold in all courses.

With the introduction of reversed routes, players can now experience the thrill of flying in the sky in a refreshed way. So, grab your trusted companion, and let’s soar!

By Duong Tran

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