Dragonflight: New Sun and Moon Warden Sets arrive in Patch 10.0.5

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Patch 10.0.5 promises to bring a lot of excitement to players, especially veteran gamers of the World of Warcraft. Aside from the white and grey items now usable for transmogrification, WoW fashionistas are about to receive another good news. Recently, the anticipated Sun and Moon Warden Sets have been datamined in Patch 10.0.5.

Source: Wowhead

Players have many reasons to be excited about this transmog. They have been asking Blizzard about it for a long time. The Sun version resembles the armor of the Wardens, a special police force in Kalimdor. It also brings up memories of Maiev Shadowsong, a fierce warrior with a fascinating storyline. Until now, she remains one of the most beloved characters in the Warcraft universe.

Source: Wowhead

While that, the Moon alternative of the sets reminds us of Tyrande Whisperwind’s combat attire.

But that’s not all. Below are what the latest sets look like when matched with their respective mounts.

Source: Wowhead
Source: Wowhead
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