Embers of Neltharion Mythic+ Specs Meta Prediction and Tier List

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Time flies, and World of Warcraft does not stand still. Blizzard makes their move and publishes information about the new content. New WoW patch called the Embers of Neltharion is dropping soon. In it, we will get a lot of innovations, for example, a new raid with nine bosses. But this article is not about such trifles as new lore or raid. We gathered here to discuss what class will give out the biggest DPS or HPS numbers and die the least. So, let’s start the review -> 

Tanks or “Big Pull Lovers”

Mythic+ Tank Dragonflight Population
Raider Io tank statistic according to 15+ keys

Let’s see the tank statistics on the Raider Io report. In the first season, we can see the absolute dominance of Prot Warriors and Paladins in Mythic+ dungeons. As practice shows, Blizzard doesn’t understand how to nerf any class properly. However, if Prot Warriors are at the top of almost every addon, then Prot Paladins are in the opposite situation. I think warriors will get a strong nerf, while paladins are more symbolic. Probably we’ll see a Demon Hunter or a Monk at the S-Rank, instead of a Warrior. My Embers of Neltharion mythic+ tanks predictions:


Now let’s move on to Melee DPS Classes ->

Melee DPS or “How did this thing hit me?”

Raider Io melee DPS statistic according to 15+ keys

Among the melee DPS, we can see absolute leaders according to the data of the first season. Let’s go through each of them in detail:

Now let’s move on to Dragonflight Season 2 predictions. I think the overall mythic+ meta will stay similar. DK is the dark horse of the melee DPS. Perhaps we’ll see Frost or Unholy DK on the top of the list. My melee DPS mythic+ predictions:


Now let’s move on to the analysis of ranged DPS -> 

Ranged DPS or “Stop moving, I cannot cast!”

Raider Io ranged DPS statistic according to 15+ keys

Let’s look at the current statistics of ranged DPS. We can see that only the hunter is far out of the overall stats. Otherwise, almost every class has a good specialization for Mythic+ dungeons. Now, to briefly go over the pros of all the top-tier specs of the first Dragonflight season:

Based on information from patch 10.1, let’s move on to my Embers of Neltharion mythic+ ranged DPS predictions:


Move on to Healers ->

Healers or “Get out of the fire!”

Raider Io Healers statistic according to 15+ keys

And so, let’s move on to the role, without whom it is impossible to complete any Mythic+ dungeon – Healers. In the first season of Dragonflight, an absurd situation developed. Restoration Druids and Preservation Evokers vastly dominated all other healers. Let’s briefly go over the benefits of Druid Restoration and Preservation Evokers that allowed them to outperform other healers so much:



Above, I looked at the meta of the current season. Based on this, I tried to make predictions for Dragonflight m+ meta in the Embers of Neltharion patch. How right I was, we will find out very soon. Thank you for reading to the end. See you very soon in Dragonflight season 2!

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