Dragonflight: Ion Hazzikostas Revealed New Support Classes

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Dragonflight: Ion Hazzikostas Revealed New Support Classes

In a recent interview with Wowhead, Game Director Ion Hazzikostas brought some fascinating news to the table. He shed light on the possibility of introducing new support classes, a significant rework for the Rogue, and more

The Rise of Support Classes

WoW Dragonflight new support classes

One of the most exciting revelations from the interview was Blizzard’s openness to expanding the support role in WoW. The performance of Augmentation Evokers in the retail version will be the key factor in deciding whether other classes receive their own support specializations or not. 

The developers are also exploring the idea of introducing a brand-new class with a support specialization.

Rogue Rework

Blizzard has acknowledged player feedback regarding ability bloat, particularly in the Outlaw specialization. Too many abilities lead to an excessive number of keybinds that hampers the Rogue’s gameplay. 

To tackle this issue, the developers are working on a rework for Rogues in the upcoming Patch 10.1.5 of WoW Dragonflight. Subtlety Rogue, however, is expected to remain largely untouched as they are already in a balanced state. Hazzikostas shared little information on the subject. But one thing is certain: the community will need to exercise some patience. After all, these changes won’t be arriving immediately in the upcoming Patch. 

Blizzard Addresses Player Feedback about Healing Challenges

The recent changes in the Dragonflight Season 2 have made healing in M+ a topic of concern among players. According to the Game Director, the team thinks the current difficulty level is manageable. However, some healers have made it clear that the stress levels have gotten too high for them to maintain the team’s HP bars at a healthy amount. Thus, rage quit is something common nowadays. Blizzard has acknowledged these concerns. They will closely monitor players’ feedback to ensure a balanced and enjoyable healing experience.

Raids and Loot Changes on the Horizon 

Dragonflight: Ion Hazzikostas Revealed New Support Classes

World of Warcraft raids will undergo a notable shift in loot distribution. Players can expect fewer tier tokens and more rare trinkets. Thus, offering more efficient and rewarding gameplay.

As World of Warcraft prepares for Patch 10.1.5: Fractures in Time, the promise of new support classes and rogue rework has ignited exciting discussions within the community. Now, the question arises: which class would you most like to see in a support role? Would it be the Paladin, Priest, Hunter, or perhaps something bolder? Like Death Knight or Warlock? To be honest, envisioning the Warlock as a support class from a lore perspective may be challenging, but who knows?

Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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