Dragonflight: Farm Valor Points from Tazavesh 2023

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Dragonflight’s release has been drawing players away from Tazavesh. The megadungeon in Shadowlands has seen fewer visitors and lesser activities. Yet, a resurgence may be on the horizon. Sharp-eyed gamers have uncovered that the Veiled Market still contains undiscovered treasures for those willing to venture in. Turns out, it’s a valuable source of usable Valor, which is crucial to upgrade your Mythic+ items.

Each boss defeated in the dungeon grants you 35 Valor. A full clear of the dungeon yields up to 280 per week. Experienced players are capable of single-handedly defeating all bosses except for the final one, So’leah. After all, her mechanics require a coordinated group of players to defeat. But the effort is worth it as she drops the coveted Cartel Master’s Gearglider mount. It’s a rare and highly sought-after reward. Also, completing Callings in Shadowlands will give you 35/50 Valor.

Time is of the essence if you want to acquire these unconventional Valor points. The developers are expected to address the issue soon. They may not condone players obtaining the current currency through older content.

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