Dracthyr Evoker Is Now Available on Live Servers

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Dragonflights Pre-expansion patch’s Phase 2 is released today, November 15. Consequently, the long-awaited Dracthyr Evoker is now available on Live Servers.


These newcomers can effortlessly transform into a dreadful dragon from a humanoid look, fight in mid-range and bolster their allies with life-giving magic. They also possess the ability to empower their offense by charging up, then unleashing at the right moment for maximum damage.

Dracthyr Evoker starts at level 58. It’s important to note that you can create your first draconic warrior on any realm just by purchasing the Dragonflight expansion, even if you have never played on that server before. However, to make the second Dracthyr and so on, you must own an account with a level 50 character. You can only have one Evoker on each server, whether Horde or Alliance.


Devastation and Preservation are the 2 specializations open for Evokers. No matter what you choose, you will still have access to DPS and healing abilities.

The Talent Trees of these specs will be fully unlocked once you leave the Forbidden Reach.


Dracthyr’s active racial abilities include Glide, Soar, Tail Swipe, Wing Buffet, and Visage.

While their passive abilities are Awakened, Discerning Eye, and Familiar Skies.


The Evokers are blessed with all five Dragonflights Aspects’ powers. They can control Red, Blue, Green, Black, and Bronze to their will. Below are the visual examples of these magic types.


Source: Wowhead


Source: Wowhead

Emerald Blossom

Source: Wowhead

Deep Breath

Source: Wowhead

Blessing of the Bronze


Having complete control over the dragon and human forms, you can freely express yourself through various customization options.

From horns and snout to hair and skin, you are able to build a unique character of your own easily. If you ever need to change your appearance, the barber shop is always in service.


The Forbidden Reach is the starting zone of these mail-wearing heroes. It’s located in the Dragon Isles.

As you level up in this area, you will unlock your powers, upgrade your gear, and learn to fly with your racial abilities. When ready, you will leave the Forbidden Reach to join the Alliance in Stormwind or the Horde in Orgrimmar.

Though the time of Dracthyr Evoker has come and is more than exciting, there is another big news today: Blizzard Twitch Drops. So buckle up and enjoy the freshest Phase 2 features. Meanwhile, remember to stay on your highest alert to obtain your favorite drops.

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