Doubleagent, the Pacifist Panda, Has Started His Journey in Dragonflight

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At the beginning of the new expansion, the name “Doubleagent” again makes its way to the spotlight. Famous for choosing the “True Pacifist Route” in Warcraft, he has not once picked a faction or participated in takedowns of any form.

The latest expansion launched a few days ago. Now, the Pandaren shaman faces a new challenge: leveling up from 60 to 70.

It only takes average players a few hours to achieve the max power threshold. But the peaceful Panda has to work much harder as he needs about 12 hours to inch from one level to another. Yet, the diligent Pandaren has been tirelessly picking herbs and mining ores for 10 years.

Doubleagent has reached level 63 recently. The WoW community is more than eager to watch how he will fare in Dragonflight. His journey will constantly be updated on WowVendor.


Doubleagent has reached level 64 on December 2.

And level 65 at December 3.

He’s at 66 already.

And now is 67.

68 is achieved.

And he is now 69. Only one more level to go.

At long last, the Pacifist Pandaren has reached level 70! While Alliance and Horde, as well as dragons and Primalists, are battling for the fate of Azeroth, Doubleagent’s hard work has paid off. In 12 days, the Pandaren has once again fulfilled his mission. He wrapped up his journey in Dragonflight, but not World of Warcraft. His pacific path is what people always look forward to and support wholeheartedly. May the factionless Panda return when a new expansion is on the horizon.

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