Disastrous Dragonflight Expansion Launch Experience

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Traditionally, the first bosses of any new expansion that every player encounters are the endless struggle to enter and stay in the game as well as various crashes and bugs. Redditor Noxyca has perfectly captured the pain of playing WoW on launch in this short video:


Surprisingly, queuing was less of an issue than in the other expansions. The login screen posed a bigger threat. It was impossible to enter the game, as all servers were greyed out, tying players to the login screen for an unlimited amount of time.


The most itching dilemma now is the inability to get to the Waking Shores. Whether you are a Horde or an Alliance, the zeppelin or the boat is responsible for ferrying you to the Dragon Isles. However, it takes a lot of work to catch a ride these days. Other than arriving later than usual or even not arriving at all, they are also loaded with crashes. It’s common to see players unable to get on the transport. And when they do, they are stuck in the loading screen with nothing to do asides from admiring the WoW map:

or get thrown out of the game with a cold message:

This launch also gives the players a more realistic sense of sea journeying in the past. Back then, the traveling conditions weren’t so good, especially when facing countless threats from nature. Therefore, many people couldn’t make it to the other shore. The same thing is happening in Dragonflight:


or without it


In response to the miseries players are experiencing, Blizzard has officially apologized for the inconvenience and is trying to resolve the problem.


The launches of WoW’s expansion have always been at the center of all controversy. While players are now praising Legion as the smoothest expansion launch, Dragonflight reminds some about their experience with Warlords of Draenor. After all, it suffered the same problem with the World server and had random disconnecting moments. However, Dragonflight is still better. Some players can get straight to the Waking Shores. The rest only have to wait about 2.5 hours at best to get to where they need to be. Until now, there isn’t an issue of being stuck for 24 hours on a flight path like in Warlords of Draenor.

Blizzard’s official responses and attempts to fix the game as soon as possible are not in vain. After the disastrous first hours of the launch, the situation has brightened a bit. Threads about how amazing Dragonflight is appear more frequently, replacing previous ones about how horrible this launch was. While it’s unknown when all the issues will be fixed, we can be sure that Dragonflight will bring a lot of fun time despite its rough start. In the meantime, if you ever encounter any frustrating problems in the game, you can always participate in Twitch Drops for the Feldrake, or spend time chilling in Wrath Classic until things get better.

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