Creation Catalyst System: How To Craft Tier Sets?

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Creation Catalyst — a unique system that just recently appeared in the game. With this feature, heroes can transform regular equipment into tier set items, which can then be used to complete a set.

This will allow you to get items with a bonus for PvE or PvP much faster if you are unlucky with their drop. There are no restrictions on access, the teleport to the crafting location is already open to all.

How Creation Catalyst System Works?

Creation Catalyst makes it possible to craft gear with Cosmic Flux. Everyone has a total of one chance to use it per week. The developers reported that over time it would take a day to recover one charge. You won’t be able to upgrade those ones you’ve created, and you’ll need a new base to get a higher ilvl.

What you get: set or non-set with new appearance, needed characteristics. The appearance depends on ilvl:

Ilvl and sockets for gems cannot be changed, and if you use PvP or M+ gear, their levels will remain and you can upgrade them for the normal cost. If PvP armor with 272 (285) ilvl was transformed with Catalyst, its ability to upgrade remains.

Creation Catalyst Location

Catalyst forge is in the Catalyst Garden at coordinates 47, 88 in the south of the location.Once you get to this place, you must use the teleport in dust or fly mount. Don’t forget to take The Catalyst Awakens quest from Vilo. You will be rewarded with 500 Cosmic Flux.

How To Craft Set Pieces?

To create this one you will need a base. It can be obtained in these activities: M+, SotFO, PvP, Antros, or purchased with Sandworn Relic gear. The main thing is that the base must belong to Shadowlands Season 3. If you want to use the set one or improve it, you can’t do that.

It works simply: you place one piece of a certain ilvl and add a Cosmic Flux. Forge will allow you to craft a piece according to which slot you need to get. Set pieces will allow you to get bonuses, and regular pieces are created for transmog or preferred stats. To create set pieces you will need the gear worn in these slots: Helms, Shoulders, Chests, Gloves, or Legs.

How To Craft Non-Set Pieces?

If you want pieces that don’t give bonuses but still allow you to get the appearance and stats you want, you need items worn in these slots: Boots, Cloaks, Bracers, or Belt. They have their own secondary stats, which allows players to use a bad one to get BiS for themselves. Crafting happens the same way, but at a lower cost. Below is a table containing all gear according to class and the secondary stats. For example, 252 ilvl are taken.

This table makes it easier for you to understand which is worth crafting for PvP and which is worth for PvE.

Cosmic Flux Costs & Some Tips

As mentioned earlier, you need a certain amount of Cosmic Flux to create equipment. It all changes according to the element of armor you use.

How much Cosmic Flux for transformation you need:

3 useful tips:

Use these tips to create better gear. Don’t forget to visit Torghast and other activities to keep the right amount of Cosmic Flux with you at all times.

How To Farm Cosmic Flux?

There are several activities that will allow you to get Cosmic Flux:

You can also complete other quests: Patterns Within Patterns and Kismetric Disc. Cosmic Flux is given as a reward for completing Torghast quarters, winning ranked arenas, killing raid bosses, completing M+ dungeons, and with a weekly update in Great Vault.

Sometimes WoW takes too much time and if you have problems with Cosmic Flux farm, you can always ask for help on our site. When there are enough resources, but items are not dropping, you can buy mythic plus gear boost from us.

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