Blizzard Nerfed XP Earned during Duo Plunderstorm

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Blizzard nerfed XP earned during Duo Plunderstorm due to players progressing through levels more rapidly than anticipated.

Blizzard Nerfed XP Earned during Duo Plunderstorm

In Pluderstorm, players could earn XP for every 25 Plunder collected. While this worked fine before, recently, Blizzard released a hotfix that ramped up the rate of plunder gathering in the game. As a result, certain teams rapidly reached the maximum level, granting them a significant advantage over others. Said change disruption upset the balance in matches. It leads to an uneven playing field where high-level players easily dominate, detracting from the overall progression experience for many others.

And so, Blizzard has responded to the issue. They’ve implemented another hotfix to regulate the overall experience gain in Duos mode:

 “This evening, we’ve deployed a hotfix to straighten that all out. We’ve lowered the overall amount of experience players are getting in Duos so that it’s more in line with the pace of leveling in Solos matches.”

— Blizzard Entertainment

This adjustment does not affect Renown with the Keg Leg’s Crew. So, there is no need to worry about grinding for that reputation and all the rewards that come with it.

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