Blizzard Boosts Plunderstorm Rewards: Less Grind, More Loot!

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Blizzard boosts Plunderstorm rewards, increasing both the plunder earned and the prizes for winning matches.

Blizzard Boosts Plunderstorm Rewards: Less Grind, More Loot!

Key Takeaways

  • Blizzard enhances Plunderstorm rewards to reduce grind and increase loot.
  • Blizzard increases plunder from various sources, including other players, non-player enemies, and golden chests.
  • Top match placement now rewards 500 plunder instead of 100 like before.

Since Plunderstorm’s launch, players have been actively sharing their experiences and strategies. However, concerns have emerged about the grind required to accumulate Renown. While players appreciate the immersive experience, they want a quicker progression system. So, Blizzard has announced significant Plunderstorm updates to address concerns over the pace of earning Renown.

Blizzard Boosts Plunderstorm Rewards: All Changes

Among the key adjustments, plunder dropped by other players has been increased. Plunder from non-player enemies has received a 50% boost. Golden chests now offer double the plunder. And achieving top placement in a match is now more rewarding, with players earning 500 plunder compared to the previous 100. In addition, players no longer lose any of their own plunder upon death. Their worth in plunder to others depends on how much they have collected during the match.

This is a welcoming change, given the array of enticing rewards, including transmogs, pets, mounts, and more that you can discover here:

With these updates, Plunderstorm will become even more rewarding and enjoyable. What do you think? Are there any areas you believe could be further improved? Share your feedback with us in the comments!

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