BDG Disbanded: No More Race to World First

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After almost 10 years of raiding, BDG disbanded officially due to various reasons. No more raiding, and no more Race to World First.

BDG Disbanded: No More Race to World First

BDG was one of the top echelon guilds in the world. Over their years of raiding, the US team managed to amass numerous glorious achievements:

Yet, regrettably, their journey has finally come to an end.

Why BDG Disbanded

Why BDG Disbanded
(Source: BDG)

Lozy, the founder and Guild Master of BDG, has announced the disbandment of the guild after more than nine years of active raiding since 2014. The decision stems from various challenges that have plagued the guild:

Despite past successes, the guild’s recent performance struggles. BDG realized that they were falling short of their standards. As competitiveness and enthusiasm waned within the team, it became increasingly challenging to sustain the guild as it was.

With BDG disbanded, Lozy expressed deep gratitude to the guild’s members, officers, and supporters, reminiscing about the cherished memories and friendships forged over the years. He remains undecided about his future gaming endeavors but hints at the possibility of exploring new opportunities within the WoW community or forming a new, more relaxed guild.

BDG isn’t the only guild leaving competitive raiding this year. Earlier, Aversion, a prominent WoW guild from Germany, declared their retirement from the Race to World First. Shortly thereafter, the top Chinese guild, Skyline, followed suit. Without a doubt, the upcoming Race to World First will see significant changes compared to what transpired in Amirdrassil.

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