All Rare Mounts in WoW Remix MoP You Can Buy with Bronze

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Want to see if farming Bronze to buy mounts is worth your time? Take a look at the list of all rare mounts in WoW Remix MoP that you can purchase and see for yourself!

All Rare Mounts in WoW Remix MoP You Can Buy with Bronze

In WoW Remix: Mists of Pandaria, numerous rare mounts with notoriously low drop rates can now be obtained with Bronze. All you need to do is farm for said event’s currency, then go to the Infinite Bazaar and reap your rewards. However, be sure that your pouch is full of coins, as acquiring these mounts comes at a considerable cost. The total sum for obtaining all 11 MoP Remix rare mounts can amount to a hefty 395,000 Bronze. Wondering what Bronze is and how to get it? Be sure to check out our article here:

All Purchasable Rare Mounts in WoW Remix MoP

Below is the list of all the rare mounts you can buy with Bronze in WoW Remix MoP:

The WoW Community Divided

All Rare Mounts in WoW Remix MoP You Can Buy with Bronze

The option to purchase mounts from previous expansions offers a convenient shortcut for players to acquire their favorite mounts. This is especially beneficial for players who missed the opportunity to experience Mists of Pandaria firsthand for various reasons. After all, when the expansion ended, many mounts were removed from the game. One such example is the Phoenix mounts, which became inaccessible after the conclusion of MoP.

On the flip side, Blizzard’s decision to let players purchase MoP rare mounts with Bronze can also be perceived as somewhat insensitive towards players who invested significant time trying to acquire these rides.

So, what do you think? Let us know your opinion about purchasing MoP rare mounts in the comments!

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