Top-10 Things to do before Dragonflight Release

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Players in WotLK Classic continue to conquer the icy lands of Northrend, fighting Kel’Thuzad and Scourge. Everything’s simpler in Shadowlands — Jailer was defeated a long time ago, and the danger is over. Heroes are now preparing to travel to Dragon Isles. Many people ask, what activities to do before the Dragonflight release? Many things will be removed from the game or become more difficult to obtain after the pre-patch release.

WoW: Dragonflight Pre-Patch and Release Changes

Blizzard announced that the Dragonflight pre-patch will start on October 25 a few days ago. It is worth sorting out what will be removed:

What will be removed with the release of Dragonflight on November 28:

Below we tell you which items are worth paying attention to first.

1. Get the Zerethsteed

The Almanac’s Echo item will be removed from the loot in Dragonflight. It is a reward for defeating Zovaal the Jailer on the heroic or mythic difficulties of the SotFO. This item starts the “Leading Motives” quest. By completing it you will receive this expansion’s version of the “friendship moose”, which is no moose at all, but a mechanical spider-tank!

2. Vengeance’s Reins

The armored dragonhawk Vengeance has a 100% drop chance from defeating Sylvanas Windrunner on mythic difficulty as of Shadowlands. As per usual, once the next expansion launches – the drop chance will be reduced to mere 1%, so now is last chance to get it with relatively no troubles. And may the odds favor you.

3. Zereth Overseer

Also a guaranteed drop from a mythic boss, but it’s the Jailer this time. Same logic as the one used for Vengeance applies here.

4. Frostbrood Proto-Wyrm

Create a Death Knight in WotLK Classic and complete the final quests of Death Knight starting campaign — “Warchief’s Blessing” for the Horde, and “Where Kings Walk” for the Alliance to get it. See How to get the Frostbrood Proto—Wyrm for more details.

5. Jigglesworth Sr.

This slimy cat will disappear alongside the fated raids system when Dragonflight launches, so this is the last moments when it is still possible to get it. With all fated raids being active at once it is possible to get Jigglesworth in a single week. Pros from WowVendor can make it happen, if you want it done fast and hassle-free.

6. Finish up the Seasonal stuff

With the end of Shadowlands comes the end of Season 4. It’s about time to finish your seasonal keystone achievement, be it conqueror, master, or hero you are aiming for. With less than a month left to spare, this is the last chance to get Restoration Deathwalker mount, teleport spells to dungeons and plethora of other time-limited rewards.

7. Achieve Gladiator Title and get the Mount

Gladiator’s Mounts and Titles are always the most brutal and majestic. It is hard to get them, but doable — play the arena constantly and do not give up. You get Eternal Gladiator’s mount and title as soon as you win 50 battles in 2×2 or 3×3 with a rating of 2400 or higher.

8. Shadowlands Glories

All Dungeon and Raid Glories achievements from Nathria, SoD, Sepulcher raids, and Shadowlands dungeons should probably be completed now. It will be much harder to find a group with the new expansion’s release. It will impossible to beat such content solo for a very long time. Each achievement rewards players with an epic mount.

9. Get Rare Titles from Shadowlands Activities

The “Back from the Beyond” achievement will also be removed in Dragonflight. It tasks you to perform various activities in all Shadowlands locations. For example, “Re-Re-Renowned” requires Renown level 80 with each of the four Covenants. Completing it rewards players with the Veilstrider Title.

10. Get the Event transmogrification sets

During the Pre-patch even it will be possible to farm this unique recolor of Dragonflight questing gear. After the event is finished and DF launches this blue version of the armor won’t be obtainable anymore. So if you want to lay your hands on some new Dragonflight armor models — go ahead and participate in the event!

Bonus: Other Mounts to Farm Before Dragonflight

These mounts remain after the expansion release but getting them has become difficult. There will be almost zero players in Shadowlands locations, and you should complete all activities solo. Other WoW mounts to farm:

1. Spectral Mawrat’s Tail — drops from Mawsworn Supply Chest in Zereth Mortis;

2. Iska’s Mawrat Leash — drops from rare enemy Rhuv, Gorger of Ruin;

3. Ascended Skymane — drops from Cache of the Ascended in Bastion. Awarded for defeating Kyrian Defenders;

4. Blanchy’s Reins — you must bring unique items to the spirit of Blanchy in Revendreth during the week. Find more details in Blanchy’s Reins obtaining guide;

5. Sanctum Gloomcharger’s Reins — loot from “The Nine” in the SoD;

6. Fallen Charger’s Reins — loot from Fallen Charger in Maw.

All the important information about the WoW: Dragonflight pre-patch can be found in Blizzard’s guide.

Remember that there is not much time left to do all these activities. Professional boosters from Wowvendor help you with any difficulties.

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