WoW Classic Patch 1.15: Incoming Hardcore Server?

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WoW Classic Patch 1.15: Incoming Hardcore Server?

Blizzard has just rolled out an encrypted update for WoW Classic on the Developer Branch. Titled Patch 1.15.49224, it has a high chance of bringing along the long-awaited official servers for the Hardcore community.

First spotted by Mr.GM, now, you can see it for yourself on

Needless to say, the Classic Era lovers are currently abuzz with excitement. They get to see the grand revival of their favorite game period. And as if that’s not enough, each day that passes by brings even more surprises. While it’s impossible to know what the developers have in store, gamers have their own speculations. From the Official Hardcore Realms to a potential Season of Mastery 2 or even the long-awaited arrival of Classic Plus content

That being said, the possibility of an incoming Hardcore server has never been more prominent than now. Recent code discoveries, coupled with news of Blizzard reaching out to the community, have only strengthened said theory.

If you’re interested in watching the whole stream where CalamityHC talked about their experience, then here you go.

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