WoW Classic Hardcore Allstars Finale: May 13 Dungeon Race

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WoW Classic Hardcore Allstars Finale: May 13 Dungeon Race


The enigmatic piece of information that Blizzard teased is indeed an official confirmation for Hardcore servers coming to WoW Classic! A new dueling-to-death system is incoming. And other than that, they also disclosed that the next season of WoW Classic is already simmering in their cauldron of creativity. More juicy details are set to be unveiled later this year. For more information, check out the article below:

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Prepare to witness Hardcore Allstars’ thrilling conclusion in WoW Classic on Saturday, May 13.

Hardcore Allstars Is a Wow Classic Community Event

It features a $5,000 dungeon speed-running tournament. All hardcore guilds are eligible to participate. After running for almost three months, there are only a few remaining teams left. And now, the moment has arrived to embark on an epic showdown. The treacherous Blackrock Depths, the menacing Lower Blackrock Spire, the perilous Dire Maul East, and the haunting Stratholme Undead

A Mysterious Announcement from Blizzard

Adding to the excitement, Josh Greenfield, WoW Classic Senior Game Producer, will also be present. Blizzard has also hinted at a tantalizing announcement. It’s expected to be made during the event. This is not the first time the company has revealed important pieces of information in such a fashion. Thus, speculation abounds. Players eagerly await the unveiling of this enigmatic news. Could it be related to the much-discussed offficial Hardcore Realms? Or a potential Season of Mastery 2? Or even the long-awaited arrival of Classic Plus content? 

Well, we will just have to wait and see.

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