WotLK Classic Sartharion Guide / Strategy

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It’s been some time since the official release of the Wrath of the Lich King Classic expansion. Many people have reached the level cap and now explore the end-game content. That includes raiding, and raid instances can present a significant challenge for World of Warcraft players. This article discusses one such place — the Obsidian Sanctum, and its main boss — Sartharion, the Onyx Guardian. Here you can find the primary aspects of Sartharion strategy and get some tips on how to beat the powerful dragon.

The Obsidian Sanctum Overview

Sartharion is not the only creature you can find in the Sanctum. There are 3 other Dragonkin in the raid. You and your teammates should decide whether to get rid of these dragons before fighting the main boss or let them live.

The latter option has its consequences. The drakes will assist the Onyx Guardian during the encounter, making it much harder. This Sartharion guide will first tell you about dealing with the black dragon when he is alone.

Sartharion Encounter

Sartharion does not have many active abilities, but they are powerful enough to mind them. Each member of your party will need to take a proper position to avoid Cleave and Tail Lash. The first skill affects the dragon’s next attack. It will generally hit the tank, who should be the only raid member fighting Sartharion face-to-face.

Ranged DPS and healers should keep their distance, while melee DPS should stay on the dragon’s right or left. Do not stand behind Sartharion — his Tail Lash ability stuns and inflicts considerable damage to those standing near his back. Both Cleave and Tail Lash are not deadly, but you don’t want to make your healers work more than they have to.

The Obsidian Sanctum WotLK will give you its own challenge in addition to Sartharion’s abilities. Lava waves will appear from time to time, coming from different sides. They place a DoT effect on the caught players but are quite easy to avoid. It’s almost impossible to miss them, and they move pretty slowly.

You will also receive an in-game warning saying that the lava starts to churn. If you stand in the wave’s way, try to use your instant abilities while avoiding it to not lose your DPS or HPS. Mind the positioning after the waves are gone — remember about Sartharion’s Cleave and Tail Lash.

The most dangerous of the Onyx Guardian’s abilities is Flame Breath. It inflicts massive Fire damage to players in a cone in front of him. That’s another reason why you shouldn’t face the boss unless you are tanking him.

If you stand outside Sartharion location (the initial fighting area), Pyrobuffet will be cast on you. It inflicts a large amount of damage and decreases Fire resistance. This effect is deadly, so you should remain on the platform regardless of the circumstances.

Defeating Sartharion with Drakes Alive

Fighting the boss with any of his allies alive will make them all more durable. The Will of Sartharion passive effect increases his own HP and the drakes’ HP by 25%. Each party member should wear equipment equal in power to Tier 7 (item level ~200 and higher). If your average item level is lower, you should think of improving your gear before fighting Sartharion 3 drakes.

They join the battle one by one, right after the Onyx Guardian summons them. Tenebron will come first, landing after half a minute of the encounter. Shadron will follow him after 75 seconds, and Vesperon will be the last drake to land on the battlefield after 120 seconds. All three of them have shared abilities that inflict Shadow damage. The only difference is the portals they open during the encounter.

When those portals appear, the raid will have to be divided into two groups. The first group should go into the portal to deal with its challenge as fast as possible. The other group must stay and tank Sartharion himself. It is recommended to leave only the tank to fight Sartharion solo and the healer for assistance. Everyone else should go into the portal.

Tenebron Strategy

Tenebron doubles Shadow damage taken by your party while he is on the field. Drake eggs appear inside his portal, further summoning whelps. The party group that takes the portal must destroy the eggs. The adds appear after a limited time. The more eggs you get rid of, the fewer whelps you will have to fight.

Tenebron’s portal is the only one that can be potentially ignored. The raid may let all the adds spawn and AoE them once they come to the battlefield. Do not overestimate your power: make sure you can deal with all the adds successfully. It’s less risky to go into the portal and destroy the eggs.

Shadron Strategy

Shadron doubles Fire damage your party members take. There is a disciple in his portal who increases the Fire damage of Sartharion boss and makes the Onyx Guardian invincible. You can’t ignore Shardon’s portal since it’s impossible to defeat the boss while the disciple is alive.

The strategy is similar to the one with Tenebron. Everyone except for the main tank and their healer must go into the portal and get rid of the disciple. No one will be able to harm Sartharion when he is immune. The off-tank, their healer, and all the raid members with DPS roles need to prioritize the disciple.

Vesperon Strategy

The final part of this WotLK Sartharion guide is about the last Twilight Drake. Vesperon decreases the total health of the entire party. His disciple is probably the most dangerous one.

The disciple from the Vesperon’s portal will cast Twilight Torment on the players. The debuff will make you suffer 75% increased damage from Fire and Shadow schools. You will also take Shadow damage when attacking. Vesperon’s disciple cant be ignored since his ability is too dangerous and can wipe the raid.

The fight with Onyx Guardian is quite challenging, especially with the Twilight Drakes by his side. You can always order our Wrath boosting services and get help going through the Obsidian Sanctum. Sartharion must die, one way or another!

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