$100K Mak’gora Cameraman Accidentally Downed by Goblin Mortar

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$100K Mak'gora Cameraman Accidentally Downed by Goblin Mortar

During the Qualifier Stage of the $100K Mak’gora, a cameraman unfortunately fell victim to the Goblin Mortar

On October 30, the Qualifier Stage of the Mak’gora Tournament, hosted by OTK Network and Starforge Systems, unfolded. 64 contestants started engaging in fierce battles to earn points. With each duel victory, the winner gained one point. And the top 8 performers in each class would secure a spot in the Mak’Gora Finals. Then, and only then, would they face the perilous risk of dueling to death. 

$100K Mak'gora Cameraman Accidentally Downed by Goblin Mortar

The Qualifier Stage was intended to be a phase where no one would lose their life. Yet, due to the relentless nature of WoW Classic Hardcore, accidental deaths are unavoidable.

Rokmanfilms, the cameraman in question, became an unexpected casualty of the Goblin Mortar. The wicked contraption is infamous for its potential to backfire and harm the user as well as nearby group members. This wasn’t the first time a player fell victim to the Goblin Mortar. Back in September, Nastrin the Shaman blew up while reloading it. Yet, who could have thought that history would repeat itself during this Mak’gora Tournament?


And so, Rokmanfilms had to bear the unfortunate consequences. However, even in the face of this tragic loss, the dedicated cameraman persevered in fulfilling their duty. They still tried to position the camera to capture every moment of the two contestants’ battle, ensuring the viewers got all the action.

It’s worth noting that Rokmanfilms was not the only player to lose their character during the Qualifier Stage. Another level 60 mage, Saltysfmg, encountered a similar fate. All thanks to yet another of the unpredictable Goblin inventions: the Goblin Rocket Boots, known for being prone to explosion. 

These incidents serve as a stark reminder for players to exercise utmost caution when employing Goblin creations. However, for those who love living on the edge, the choice is yours to embrace the experience! 

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