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Welcome to our series of articles, where players can get valuable tips in various game modes in Destiny 2 from us. This article will focus on the tremendous and frightening Trials of Osiris. Unprepared players often go there with the idea that this is a normal PvP mode like the Crucible. Still, in the end, they face a cruel reality when they meet incredibly smart and strong opponents. We will explain what you need to do to be no worse than these pro players. If you are interested in becoming better at playing PvP, we have released another article from this series of texts on this subject. Thanks to these tips and tricks, you will have every chance to learn the various possibilities of how to go flawless in the Trials of Osiris. So, pour some tea, take out a notebook and write down all the most important things from this article!

Follow the rule 40/60 to survive

Let’s start this article with this mysterious rule, which will become one of your main points in the Trials of Osiris tutorial. Its essence is that covers occupy 40% of your screen, and the remaining 60% should be taken up by the space adjacent to that cover. Following this rule, you should choose your position on the location more thoughtfully and more intelligently move from cover to cover. Rule 40/60 will help you survive much longer and is essential. Most of the players thoughtlessly rush around the map. They often fall under a sniper’s bullet or collide with the whole team on an open field without shelters. Paying attention to your position and surroundings, you can always save yourself by jumping behind the cover and dodging a deadly bullet.

Source: Shadow Destiny

Don’t expect a lot of details, but you have all chances to even survive moments in the match like 1vs3. Sounds impossible? Using the rule, constantly moving from cover to cover, making your position more advantageous than that of your opponents — you have all chances to survive. Remember you always have protection from the other flank. This rule will especially appeal to players who crave action, not camping. The design philosophy behind Destiny 2’s maps is that you always have some kind of cover in front of you. Suppose you want to learn more about this rule. In that case, we recommend watching the video from Shadow Destiny, where the work of the 40/60 rule is clearly shown with examples and many details.

Find good players to play with and always be together

Going into Trials of Osiris with randoms is not the best idea. Good companions are the key to your success, and it is crucial to have help from your teammates in Destiny 2 Trials. With good communication, equipment, and an understanding of the game, it will be much easier for you to deal with the opposing team. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of each other, you can even develop clever strategies. Some of you could be a good and accurate sniper, and another guy is the Titan with excellent reflexes and movement speed. The third one may be the assassin, which comes from the flank and thus destroys opponents one by one. Everyone needs good teammates who fit all the above aspects because even friends are not continually cool PvP players. And don’t worry, because we can ask in our clan who is going flawless in Trials or just playing very well.

Source: Bungie

Also, remember that it is always worth walking in a group and trying not to be self-willed on your part. You may be the best player in Destiny 2, but you will become even better and have a much better chance of winning as a team. You can split up during combat to get around your opponents quickly, but only if you’ve assessed the risks of doing so.

Master your abilities and heavy weapon wisely

Destiny wouldn’t be destiny if abilities weren’t so influential to gameplay. Many, as soon as they start playing the game, might not realize this and rarely use them. Still, if you are going to the ToO, then you should use the power of your abilities 100%. If you’re playing as a Void Hunter, you need to understand the power of your invisibility and use it whenever you can, whether it’s pushing, escaping, or resurrecting allies. Solar Warlock fans have great abilities at their fingertips, like Heat Rises, which will allow you to levitate and shoot more efficiently in the air, and Icarus Dash, which can give you a speed boost. And these are just two subclasses whose abilities help a lot in the battle process!

There are also unique Trials of Osiris mechanics. One is ammo for heavy weapons, which appear in the fourth round. It is important to realize that most often, the team that takes them will win the match. Of course, picking up as soon as they appear is also impossible because the enemy can always outwit you, so be ready. Speaking about heavy weapons, we remembered one crucial rule — play more carefully. You literally have a gun in your hands that can annihilate any guardian. So never let yourself be lured into a trap. If the opponents have ammo, your actions will depend on the heavy weapon itself. Walking together would be a massive mistake if they had a rocket launcher or a grenade launcher.

Escape is always an option

Sometimes going ahead is a terrible decision, so now we will talk about one of those Trials of Osiris tricks you should not neglect. Escape from the battlefield is sometimes even more correct than trying to kill three players at once alone. You can regroup with teammates, revive someone, or just heal. Maybe you’d better try to break up the enemy team one by one by luring them into your trap or finding a convenient place to kill them. Escape, no matter the situation, is always the way to go and will help bring your team to the ultimate victory. Using the situation correctly and adequately assessing it, you can completely turn the tide of the battle.

Know how to deal with Supers

If you don’t know what to do when the opponent uses super, you obviously don’t know how to play Trials of Osiris. We agree it’s annoying to die from Solar Hunter, who kills with his Golden Gun at a glance, or Void Titan, who puts a dome on the zone and rests. We are ready to advise you on effectively avoiding death!

The most obvious advice to give against most supers is to run for your life if you’re still alive. While Golden Gun or Chaos Reach is theoretically killable if you’re good enough with a sniper rifle, other ultimates either have resisted or killed you so fast you won’t even notice your death.

Source: Bungie

However, there are supers in the game that the Guardian only creates, such as Well of Radiance, Silence and Squall, Nova Bomb, and so on. While Nova Bomb will be hard for you to escape due to good tracking, then against others, you have a good chance! Even if you have to sacrifice yourself for the sake of your team’s victory.

Get busy with the build crafting

Although we have already listed many different tips for Trials of Osiris, we must mention builds. Choose the right combinations of subclass, exotic, mods, and weapons. Your gameplay will become much more enjoyable, and your chances of winning will also increase. Great examples are Void Hunters with Gyrfalcon’s Hauberk, which are terrifying in PVP, and Titans with Peacekeepers and Submachine Guns, which are excellent at short distances. These two builds alone should motivate you not to be lazy and finally get into build crafting!

Is this not enough for you, and do you want to help your friends? Well, we have a complete guide about the updated Arc 3.0 in stock, where we talked about the best Arc builds in PvP. Be sure to check it out!

Study enemies and their play style

But after all, the opponents are also not stupid, so everyone will have to find their own approach. Here you play with a sniper rifle, the games are going well, but Guardians come across you, who only do what they push you. In this case, you will have to adapt because this is one of the main qualities that will make you stronger in PVP. It’s better to lose the first rounds. Still, then you will understand the opponent’s playing style, adapt, and maybe change your loadout. Maybe you can pick a good weapon from our other article about the most used Exotic weapons in PvP this Season. The chances of flawless Trials will increase significantly!

Source: Bungie

And that’s all we have for today. If you liked the article, be sure to tell your friends about it. Our Trials of Osiris guide came out with a small number of tips. But still, their content is very detailed and understandable for everyone. We promise that you will use our tips to become a much better player in this PvP mode! In case you are tired of fighting there and want to deal with it quickly, then the Trials of Osiris boost service from professionals from WowVendor will help you pass these tests in a matter of days.

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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