Destiny 2: The Witch Queen Overview

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TAKE BACK the LIGHT and what you’ll get in the new year of Destiny 2.

We all know already that very soon, on February 22, 2022, the next year in Destiny 2 begins. Season 16, Season of the Risen, promise us to bring a ton of new content: new destination, new story missions, new activities, new raid, new legendary and exotic loot. But what do we know exactly about the Witch Queen?

Short list

Let’s talk in a bit more detail about each.

Void 3.0

Source: Bungie

Starting with a change, that will happen to our light subclass Void. It kind of falls in line with Savathûn stealing the Light from us, right? Those changes will be free for all players and there are many of them, do key points only:

Aspects and Fragments

Same, as we got in Stasis, this system will offer more versatility in battles.


Source: Bungie

Ward of Dawn (The Dome) can now be almost completely instantly activated while also becoming the fastest Super cooldown. It really going to be a much better reactionary defensive tool now.

Sentinel Shield (you know, that when you’re practically Cpt. America) will still let Titans thrown shields providing ranged damage as a Shield Bash grants a full overshield.

Titan Aspects include Controlled Demolition, Bastion, and Offensive Bulwark.


Source: Bungie

Now let’s take a look at the changes that await our scholars and researchers, space mages, and warriors Warlocks.

The infamous Nova Warp is changed (again? again!). The Super with the Vortex Super enhancements allows players to teleport efficiently to unleash the ultimate Void attack while drawing enemies in and trapping them within a web of damage.

Old, familiar Nova Bomb with the Cataclysm enhancement allows for more control when Warlocks are on the hunt for enemies to take out, particularly in PvP instances, and detonations will disperse into smaller tracking-tracking projectiles. Shoot the Nova Bomb, and it’ll also detonate early.

Void 3.0 melee with Pocket Singularity unleashes Void that detonates when near foes, making them volatile while controlling their position in relation to the blast zone.

Warlock Aspects include Chaos Accelerant, Feed the Void, and Child of the Old Gods.


Source: Bungie

Void Hunters, Nightstalkers, will still be the epitome of stealth, Bungie promises us, now with even more control over what the enemies see (or don’t see).

Favorite for many, Moebius Quiver changes will fire off a volley of three arrows that can track targets and make them volatile when tethered.

Deadfall will see the Void anchors pull in enemies to a desired location from surface and target impact.

Snare Bomb melee will also do more to weaken opponents, especially in PvP when it removes an enemy player’s HUD and obstructs their in-game view.

Hunter Aspects include Trapper’s Ambush, Vanishing Step, and Stylish Executioner.

What about new players? New Lights will be able to earn their first Aspects and Fragments during the New Light campaign. Moreover, all classes will now start with Void subclass abilities designed to be more pleasant and attractive to new players.

For the full breakdown on Void 3.0 from Bungie Dev Team follow this link.

New weapon archetype The Relic and the Glaive

The Glaive is a new energy weapon archetype. And according to Bungie’s earlier teasers, it looks like Glaive combines both Swords and Guns traits: while being a melee weapon, it is also will able to fire mid-ranged projectiles and has defensive capabilities.

Interestingly enough, as an energy weapon, the Glaives will be more versatile than Swords with their limitation as a heavy weapon.

Source: Bungie

You will be able to shape your first Glaive at the beginning of your introductory quest for the new crafting system. Most likely, the first glaive that we’ll acquire, will be class-specific variant with unique attacks. Most likely, the first glaive that we’ll acquire will be a class-specific variant with unique attacks.

New Craft

Crafting is something that many players desperately wanted in Destiny for quite some time now. It’ll be possible not only to test your luck but your skill (in scavenging resources from various sources, probably).

Source: Bungie

As you begin to fight the Witch Queen’s brood, you’ll discover the Enclave. This will be the place for crafting your weapons.

As you’ll begin to fight the Witch Queen’s brood, you’ll discover the Enclave. That will be the place for crafting your weapons.
Crafting a Legendary weapon would not be a simple matter. You’ll need to find Patterns (like weapon blueprints), collect materials, and only then build your weapon. But after crafting your gun, you’ll have to shape your weapon, to calibrate it.

Road to Craft

Early in The Witch Queen campaign, you’ll have a quest to complete that will guide you through the art of crafting, much like with the Armor Synthesis (transmog system). At the beginning of The Witch Queen campaign, Guardians will uncover the Deepsight ability and be introduced to the Enclave.

Source: Bungie

All of the necessary materials will be provided for your first crafted weapon, and you’ll get a short tutorial on how to find those materials for future crafting. A subset of weapons and archetypes will be craftable from the start, but more will be added in the future.

New Combatants

Source: Bungie

Savathûn has gifted her soldiers with the powers of the Light. As the Knight you’ve struck down rises from the dead for the second time, a feeling of betrayal washes over you and you can’t help but wonder: When the Light offers no shelter – no solace – where will you turn?

Source: Bungie

Yet again, our enemies come close to one of the most sacred things Humanity has left: Traveler’s Light. But now it was not an attempt to conquer like Dominus Ghaul (Gary! or Gil? Glen? Something with a G.) Once again, we will fight to show that it’s more than the power that makes one a Guardian.

Destiny Content Vault

Now to the sad news. Bungie will remove some of the content into the Destiny Content Vault. The Forsaken DLC content is going to be vaulted, which means the Tangled Shore will be removed from the game, including all of its Lost Sectors and activities, except one Strike, the Warden of Nothing. It will be moved to the Legends section of the in-game destinations, where players can currently access the Vault of Glass Raid. Along with the Tangled Shore, the Cabal Carrier Glykon, while maybe not be a part of the Shore, but saying near it, and subsequently, the Presage mission will be vaulted as well.

All other seasonal activities and locations are also being vaulted, which means that everything from Season of the Hunt, Season of the Chosen, Season of the Splicer, and Season of the Lost will be gone. This includes:

There is a possibility that the exclusive gear might still be available in-game through other vendors or as a part of other quests, but it could be vaulted as well. Battlegrounds from Season of the Chosen will not be removed from the game, and instead, they will be added to the Strike playlist, which will go by the name of Vanguard Operations onwards.

Source: Destiny Tracker

Most of the Forsaken content will be vaulted, which means that items connected to it will become unobtainable as a result, including emblems and other drops:

Other seasonal items that will be vaulted include the Wings of Light emblem, which can be obtained by completing the Hunter Killer Triumph, which requires completing Harbinger in 15 minutes or less, The Next Chapter emblem, which can be obtained by completing the Presage mission flawlessly on Master difficulty, and list of Exotic Cosmetics:

Some quests will also be vaulted, and their rewards might either be vaulted as well or become available from other sources. The list is as follows:

With this said, take your last chance to get whatever you can until the Downtime for the new season rolling over on all platforms. It begins on February 21 at 7 PM PT (0300 UTC).

Huckleberry out (gone grinding).

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