Destiny 2 The Witch Queen Finale: Season 19 Ending Cinematic

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Just minutes ago, Destiny 2 released a Season 19 ending cinematic for The Witch Queen finale. Players are deeply moved not only by the story so far, but also struck by the immense nostalgia at 3:27 as Season of the Seraph hits its climax. The following content contains spoilers to the Abhorrent Imperative mission, so advance at your own risk.

In “Final Dawn,” you must infiltrate the Braytech facility above Earth and put a stop to the Stasis-wielding Fallen, Eramis. She aims to activate the “Abhorrent Imperative” protocol. Thus, unleashes Rasputin’s fatal warsats on the Traveler. With the AI’s aid, you successfully thwart Eramis’s plan and prevent the Witness and its allies from utilizing the Warmind’s resources against humanity.

The quest concludes with a moving cutscene of the Traveler positioning itself in Earth’s orbit. Instead of running away like it once did with the Fallen, it now serves as a beacon of hope and protector of humanity. The scene is a subtle nod to the nostalgic memories of Destiny 1 and is highly valued by players for its iconic significance.

The questline’s emotional climax is amplified by the ultimate human sacrifice made by Rasputin. After spending a whole season trying to restore him, seeing him being shut down is definitely difficult. However, in his final moment, the AI was able to relay an important message. He revealed the existence of the Neptunian city, home to “the Veil.”

The Neptunian city in Osiris’ visions is real. I do not know its exact location, but it is home to ‘the Veil,’ an object of immense paracausal power. One that is linked to the Traveler.


The AI’s disclosure adds a new layer of intrigue to the game’s overarching narrative. The stakes are higher than ever. Yet, the true story behind the Veil remains in mystery. So, you still have two more weeks to freely speculate and theorize about what might be coming next.

Destiny 2 players widely agree that the cinematic is among Bungie’s best works. But the studio’s decision to publish it on Twitter has sparked a fiery backlash. Players feel that the reveal comes at a premature time. After all, many in the community are still in the process of completing the mission and have yet to reach its end.

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