The Vow of the Disciple Overview

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The hardest challenge and one of the most interesting activities in Destiny 2 is raids, no doubt. And The Witch queen expansion has something to offer: a new raid called The Vow of the Disciple, where players travel deep into a pyramid in The Savathûn’s Throne World.

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What lies behind?


Let’s take a look at what this raid has to offer in terms of reward. As usual The Vow of the Disciple Raid rewards contain some of the most stylish armour sets and most powerful weapons.

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Their drop is randomized, so it can be extremely difficult to get certain weapons. The six Legendary Raid weapons are unique, but the new crafting system actually allows you to craft them once you get the pattern. These patterns could be found in the encounter reward chests, and two guaranteed weapon patterns can be earned once per week. And, not to mention, the secret chests. There are at least two secret chests that can also reward weapon patterns, if players find a given weapon at the end of a normal encounter first.

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Raid Exotic Weapon

The Collective Obligation, Void Exotic Pulse Rifle is the The Vow of the Disciple unique Raid exotic.

“What The Witness gave me, I give to you. May it serve you in death, or in finality. It cannot be both.” —Rhulk, disciple of the Witness

It appears to be another random drop after beating the final encounter. The weapon perks are:

Void Leech — This weapon leeches Void debuffs when damaging targets that are suppressed, weakened, or volatile. Once charged, press the button for Alternate Weapon Action to swap firing modes. In this mode, damage from this weapon applies the same Void debuffs that were leeched.

Umbral Sustenance — This weapon’s magazine is automatically reloaded when you gain Devour, a Void overshield, or become invisible.

All that makes the weapon quite a powerful tool to get you through the hardest battles.


Couple of words about the raid encounters. But before, a short explanation to understand the importance of the pictures you see : Vow of the Disciple is all about symbols, and there are a lot of them.

Source: Reddit’s RaidSecrets

Glyphs — Through the whole raid, you will need to communicate Glyphs. There are 29 in total. It’s easy, yet very important, to agree upon their names before getting started. Most people use the image above, or here is an Imgur link to it . Glyphs are present in all encounters.

• Obelisk — Large prisms with nine windows on them. When it is in the arena of your encounter, the windows will display 9 Glyphs to shoot. Which window/Glyph you shoot will be dictated by the encounter. They are present in Acquisition and Reflection.

• Fonts of Knowledge — These are little beacons that emit a pillar of orange light into the sky. By collecting a font, you will receive a buff known as knowledge. You can stack these buffs three times. Each stack has its own name: Heightened Knowledge, Brimming Knowledge, and Overflowing Knowledge. Fonts of Knowledge are present while Traversing the Bog and in the Collection encounter.

• Pervasive Darkness — Pervasive Darkness is a debuff that is applied throughout the raid. It’s mechanics is similar to the Frostbite debuff in Deep Stone Crypt or Weight of Darkness in The Lightblade strike, except it obstructs your vision, causing your screen to go black. It will be displayed at the bottom left of your screen after it has been applied. You can only hold nine stacks of Pervasive Darkness, after the tenth stack you will die. Pervasive Darkness is present while Traversing the Bog and in the Collection, Exhibition, and Rhulk encounters.

The first encounter: Acquisition, and now you have a limited number of lives going forward. This encounter is a series of timed objectives and there is no boss fight at the end of this encounter, though there are a lot of powerful enemies that need to be defeated as quickly as possible.

Second is Collection or The Caretaker. The area contains the first boss of the raid, the Caretaker, but, as usual, the encounter isn’t as simple as shooting him.

Then you’ll face the first jump puzzle, and after it the next encounter is Exhibition. This encounter is built around three artifacts: Resonant Shard, Aegis shield and the Taken artifact, and followed by the second jump puzzle.

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The last boss, fourth encounter is Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness. Rhulk is a highly mobile boss, make sure you are ready for Damage phases as after it’s initiated, he will remain mobile in his secondary form, so standing inside a Well of Radiance or having a Ward of Dawn bubble might be a bad idea.


The most beautiful part of any Destiny story is Lore no doubt. There is no way to learn and understand more about the Destiny universe, than reading, listening and discussing the lore behind it.

Source: Bungie

My name is Byf youtube channel is one of the best in terms of Lore Story telling. And his videos about the Rhulk, Disciple of the Witness are absolutely amazing.

He also has answers for “Why is there a Worm God inside the Pyramid?” or “Why is Rhulk’s Pyramid Stuck in Savathun’s Throne World in a first place?” questions that are highly recommended to take a look at.

Huckleberry out.

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