The Story of The Lost Lament

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Swords, in general, play a significant part in Destiny Meta, and moreover, lots of players seem to really enjoy them. It’s probably a great spirit of the good old-fashion way to deal with your yellow health bar enemies, slice them with a heavy attack, repeat if necessary and see it vanish. The Lament is a great example of it, and some players would even call it the ultimate anti- Champions / Bosses heavy weapon.

But Lost Lament is more than just a weapon, it is a story to explore, a mystery to uncover, and a riddle to solve.

First, pay a visit to lifelong Blacksmith Banshee-44 at the Tower. He will give you the quest named “Lost Lament”, and tell you a story about his strange feeling and the weird images he sees in his mind. Banshee will ask your help to figure this vision out and give you a hint at some future quest steps as part of his visions.

“Vex…a blade…And a few dead Exos on Europa, unhappy with their lot in life, I imagine.”

Clearly, you can guess that it’s his story that is offered for you to explore.

The Exos: Story of the Dead

So, your first task is finding those Exos. Heads to Europa, where you can find even more that you need for the quest: there are nine dead Exos, and you need to scan only three. If you’ll find all of Exo’s remains, you’ll complete the “Salvage the Past” Triumph. Each scan will provide you some audio lore to know more about Dr. Bray himself and first Exos, and grant you some amount of XP. And the Triumph completion will grant you codex pages and Exo Figurine for the Campsite behind the Stranger.

Giant Exo story

The next part of your adventure will venture to the deepest part of the BrayTech facility until, eventually, you’ll run into a giant Exo head. If you’ll activate it and talk to it, as it turns out that it would be head of the Bray himself, inventor and indigenous tech leader of the Golden Era.

Exo challenge

After killing some Vex with swords, the next step in this story is the challenge that Mr. Bray once created for his granddaughter, and he encourages you to try it as well.

The Strike and The Bunker

Source: Destinytracker

Use your finisher on some Vex, then it’s time to travel for the blade pieces and beat some old enemies in The Glassway Strike. This quest step is quite straightforward: launch The Glassway from the Europa map and complete it as usual. The blade pieces will drop from the Final boss near the end of the strike.

Bring the broken pieces to Banshee-44. When he sees them, some of his memories about Banhsee’s past life will start to crawl their way back. The blacksmith will tinker the sword a bit, and present it to your Guardian, but ask you to return to Europa. Your next step is exploring Eventide Ruins for an abandoned bunker. You’ll need to complete the Bunker E15 Lost Sector and loot the chest to get the Lost Lament blueprints.

Reforging the Past

The last step of the quest is called “Reforging the past”. You’ll return to Banshee-44, and here he’ll reveal that the Exo we know today as Banshee-44 is once called Clovis Bray-1, something he’s just now remembering. But, unlike the giant AI in the BrayTech facility, this Exo, as any other by design was stripped down to the most basic emotional form, and has no memory of his life as a human named Clovis Bray. He was waked up or activated in the middle of the Vex invasion as they breach the Glassway and plague the Europa. The Clovis Bray AI ordered his awaking to save the facility and his work, trying to divert the Vex off-world to places like Mars or Earth, not giving a damn about people that could die, seeing this as an opportunity to get more candidates to his Exo program. The Exo Stranger, Elisabeth Bray, and newly-awakened Clovis Bray-1 disagreed with this plan.
Banshee-44 then suggests he may pay a visit to the giant Exo head himself, just to see what it has to say.

May be not the best idea, as it’s look Like the AI is fixated on making Clovis Bray-1 accept his point of view.
There is much more of the Dr. Bray story, but for the Lost Lament, it ended now.

Written by Huckleberry.

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