The Most Fun to Play Weapons in Destiny 2

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Imagine for a moment that Destiny 2 is a game where you come to have fun. We know everyone has a different perception, but the most ordinary farming can be turned into a much more exciting process. Even PvP battles can be turned into a fun circus attraction if you have the right one with all its upgrades. Actually, today we will talk about the most fun weapons in Destiny 2 to play with right now, and believe us, there is enough variety here to spend a bunch of dozens of hours on the game. You will even learn about such weapons that, after killing, create orbs, and all this will wrap up with a shotgun that knocks back opponents and takes away their abilities.

And before we get started, we want to warn you. The list mainly consists of exotic weapons that are fun to play with but wouldn’t be suitable for challenging activities. So be sure to check out our text about popular exotics in the Season of Plunder and what is worth getting into service. Warning left, our soul is calm, and therefore we turn to this intriguing article!

Sweet Business

Where to find it: Exotic Engrams.

Heavy the Weapons Guy would immediately appreciate this weapon and give it a lovely name. This is a minigun-shaped assault rifle with a huge magazine that automatically reloads when you pick up special or heavy ammo. An excellent Minigun if you ask us, which is ideal for Titans to show their power in all its glory against a crowd of opponents. But why exactly Titan? All thanks to the fact that it has a fantastic Actium War Rig, and with its help, you will have a constantly shooting monster in your hands from which you cannot escape. Just remember that no one can outsmart the bullet.

Quicksilver Storm

Where to find it: pre-order “LIghtfall + Annual Pass” DLC

In Season of Plunder, a new exotic has been added to the game, which immediately lit up many players’ hearts. Basically due to its effectiveness, but also due to its unique and fun gameplay. We have already written about it more than once, but this weapon really deserves it. For those who don’t know anything about it, it’s literally an Auto Rifle, Rocket Launcher, and Grenade Launcher all rolled into one. Only such a description can no longer be of interest. So, in addition to this, the damage of Quicksilver Storm can easily outshine some special guns. The only downside is the way you get it. Not everyone can afford to pre-order right now for the sake of one exotic.

Osteo Striga

Where to find it: Obtained in Enclave after completing The Witch Queen campaign.

If you want to scare your opponents for Halloween, then Osteo Striga will do just fine. An excellent SMG that fires frightening projectiles at its targets and poisons any enemies it hits. After that, it can also make a burst that poisons nearby targets. All in all, she is able to scare your enemies to death and haunt them even after death. As in the case of Sweet Business, you can double the fun by equipping Warlock Necrotic Grip arms. It increases the poison effect, and as a bonus, any melee damage poison enemies, and after their death, the effect spreads. Bring the plague with you and start a mini-apocalypse!

Ruinous Effigy

Where to find it: Monument to Lost Light.

It’s time to start the basketball game on the battlefield! Ruinous Effigy is constantly in Destiny 2 fun guns tier lists, and for a reason. Transmutation and Evolution perks allow you to create an orb from an enemy’s energy, which can be used to kill enemies. Thus, ordinary crucible matches turn into an escape from a crazy basketball player who wants to score everyone around with the ball. In PvE, this insane experience will keep you entertained, and if you’re going to build a void build around this weapon, then for the Titans, we recommend taking the Mask of the Quiet One, which restores your health with each kill. Of course, we recommend getting Catalyst for Ruinous Effigy to deal increased damage and kill enemies in droves!


Where to find it: Exotic Engrams.

If Bungie had an actual antagonist, then it would be Telesto, who never stops breaking their game. What would a list of fun weapons be without such a famous instance? Every player in Destiny is no longer surprised when, with a significant update, this Fusion Rifle is again associated with some kind of bug. But even beyond that, it’s still a fun and effective Exotic. Attaching projectiles to enemies that explode gracefully is always lovely, especially when you’re doing it against Guardians. While it doesn’t sound like much fun, you’ll say otherwise when you play with Telesto!

Hard Light

Where to find it: Exotic Engrams.

Of course, this Auto Rifle is not as unique as the Exotics already listed. Still, it can’t be called boring or even gloomy. Many recall with horror the hell that this cannon caused in the Crucible. What is the essence of Hard Light? Rounds fired from this weapon have reduced damage falloff, over-penetrate targets, and ricochet off hard surfaces. But that’s not all, as this gun can change this weapon’s damage type, which can be great in PVE, but we’re talking about fun. Sometimes it happens that you almost killed the enemy, but he managed to hide behind the wall. Don’t worry; just shoot until a random ricochet kills him! Of course, other guns, such as the Gnawing Hunger, will be much better due to their perks, but Hard Light is one of the most fun Auto Rifles.

Devil’s Ruin

Where to find it: Monument to Lost Light.

It would seem that such a small gun can do nothing… But behind it stands the actual devil, who simply instantly sends enemies to hell! Say hello to Devil’s Ruin. Whose main feature is to charge up a high-powered, stunning laser that deals massive damage and is even capable of one-shot Guardian. You may be confused by the strange behavior of this gun during regular shootings. Still, you don’t take it for the sake of shooting like a regular Sidearm, right? So if you want to have fun and burn everything around with a laser, then this is definitely your choice from all ranges of entertaining weapons in Destiny 2.

Vex Mythoclast

Where to find it: Vault of Glass Raid.

Like Quicksilver Storm, this Exotic can be described as a mixture of different guns in one. What can that Vex cannon do? This is a rapid-fire Fusion Rifle that gains stacks of Overcharge on kills. When fully Overcharged, you can swap firing mods and turn Vex Mythoclast into Linear Fusion Rifle. The most fun this gun can give you in the Crucible is due to its pleasant shooting and long range, but that’s not the whole point of this gun. After you kill three Guardians, you can one-shot them with a Linear Fusion Rifle. In fact, instead of one particular weapon, you will have two of them. In PVE, Vex Mythoclast is also very good, especially if you make a Catalyst, which will increase damage after a kill.

One Thousand Voices

Where to find it: Last Wish Raid.

So we have reached the heavy weapons category, and now we will talk about One Thousand Voices. Veterans of Destiny 2 have shed a tear reading about it here, and newcomers have the opportunity to get acquainted with a rather fun weapon for destroying bosses and big opponents. Charging this weapon, it unleashes a giant continuous beam of death that also causes delayed explosions. It’s fun to use in PvE and can still deal some serious damage, but in PvP, it’s a laser disco weapon for all enemies around it. The biggest problem with this fusion rifle is the limited ammo and the difficulty of obtaining it, but if that doesn’t stop you, then take it without thinking.

Tractor Cannon

Where to find it: Exotic Engrams.

And we complete our list with the funniest weapon – Tractor Cannon. Only by her appearance does she immediately let you know that you will spend an entertaining couple of hours in PvP or PvE. The unique feature of this gun is that it knocks enemies back for long distances and simultaneously suppresses their abilities, which is very useful against supers in PvP. Making players burn with anger who have just activated their ability will obviously bring you a lot of fun. By the way, this weapon also weakens the enemy, which is very useful against mini or big bosses. We definitely recommend getting it because, from all of Destiny 2 most fun exotics, this ridiculous shotgun is one of the best ever created here!

So here we are at the end of the article. This turned out to be kind of the top fun weapons in Destiny 2, and it ends here. We may not have mentioned all the funniest weapons. Still, many interesting guns are worth trying and playing with. Otherwise, do not forget to tell your friends about this article. If you are a solo player and are looking for ways to get a fan out of this game, then we have already released guide where we help with solving this problem. Let’s hope the new Bungie expansion brings even more fun guns!

Thanks for reading! Owl is flying away.

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