The Consequences of Bungie Layoffs and the Destiny 2 Future

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The future of Destiny 2

You all are already aware of what is happening with Bungie and its employees. Nevertheless, we still have little idea of what the future holds for us with Destiny 2. The development team released an official statement yesterday, but it does not provide any substantial answers to the players’ questions. One of the main sources of information from Bungie is Paul Tassi, who has already informed all of us about who is behind the Bungie Layoffs.

Today, he released a new report with the following information:

In our personal feelings, Paul Tassi’s article has given us more hope in Bungie than the article from Bungie, which was supposed to change the situation for the better. Let’s hope for changes within the leadership and that they will finally start listening to the developers. For now, you can find out what happened with the Matter and how exactly Bungie’s CEO adressed the layoffs.

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