The Creator of The Traveler

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Is The Witness?

The last leaks and hints, found in the latest raid the Vow of the Disciple, gave players a strong lead to a new great plot-twist: apparently, The Traveler is not only created alongside with several others, most shockingly, it was created by the Witness light years ago.

Source: Bungie

Previously, all we knew about the Black Fleet, The Pyramids and The Traveler, is that the last has always fled from another. We don’t know why and what was the reason. Yet one can say “There is no Light without Darkness”, and shadows can only be found near the light, so there are some logical bases underlying this idea. To add even more weight to this idea — it might be reminiscent of the creation of Archangels and Satan in the Christian religion story.

Source: Bungie

Inside the Rhulk’s Pyramids players found the first hints about the next DLC, apparently it would be called Lightfall. All we know about it is no more than speculation, yet there are some interesting theories.

Source: Bungie

It looks like in the near future we’ll get the big quest, probably exotic, to push the story further, and players surely can expect to see more Lore about the Traveler’s creation process and its nature. For now players already have the prophecy of the nearest future, where the Witness is going to commute with the Traveler, get all the kills from it and kill something or someone. It kind of falls in line with the idea that the Witness is Traveler’s creator.

Source: Bungie (Campaign Cinematic)

Only the original wielder and creator could hold the power to take back that it probably gave to the Traveler in the first place — the Light. And the next season will probably focus more on how the Light-Darkness relationship works and how one depends on the other. Most importantly, it seems clear that in the near future we’ll also find out why the Witness and the Traveler part their ways.

Source: ArtStation by Casper Konefal (Bungie Concept Artist)

The Witness himself is a mysterious entity. We don’t know much about it. Previously, we heard this phrase from Savatûn’s Two Truth Two Lies “The Witness birthed the Darkness”, which appears to be somewhat true. Why not create an almost same entity but with opposite polarity, that can find other ways to explore nature’s laws, the mystery of life and misery of existence.

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