Stay Connected: Follow the New Destiny 2 Team Accounts

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Bungie announced that they will create new team accounts on various platforms. They aim to improve communication with players. The company used to rely on community managers to share information, context, and clarifications. But the approach had its drawbacks. It put pressure on the employees to inform Guardians from their personal accounts. To address the matter, Bungie has created the following:

These are expected to be the primary method of exchanging news with their fan base.

The company emphasized that the goal is not to give fewer details. Instead, they want to be more proactive in these efforts by bringing the community managers into one place. The developers stated they would pay better attention to gamers’ feedback. They also encourage players to share their thoughts on the game anytime.

The number of stand-alone articles from different developer teams will increase. Players can expect to receive more in-depth information. The BungieHelp account remains the primary place for updates. It’s planned to cover details on maintenance, outages, and ongoing issues here. While DestinyTheGame is where they will drop the latest game trailers. It’s also the home to high-level Destiny 2 news.

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