Spire of The Watcher Dungeon Overview

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The Vex are back, which means it’s time to fight back and send them to the new Dungeon!Dungeon Overview

In this article, we’ll talk about Spire of The Watcher Dungeon, which appeared in Season 19 of Destiny 2 and pleasantly surprised us with its atmosphere and mystery. There are many things here that the Guardians have to learn, but today we will talk about the main things related to this mission. WowVendor will share a clear strategy and some of Spire of The Watcher Dungeon tips to avoid getting stuck in some stages. In addition, we will have time to review the entire Loot Table and talk about the new Hierarchy of Needs exotic bow.

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Well, Guardians, it’s time to rescue Rasputin again and protect his data by any means!


Let’s start our Spire of The Watcher guide with the most important and necessary for any Guardian — Strategy. The only main mechanic of the new Dungeon is wiring, so get ready to become electricians for a while.

At the very beginning, you will need to activate four nodes in order to get into the Spire itself. First, you need to kill the Minotaur to get the Arctrician buff. In the exact location, there are four generators, which are easy to find if you follow the wires. To direct the energy to the center, any player with an Arctrician buff must shoot the generator and then follow the wire to shoot all the nodes. Once all the generators are connected, a passage will open for you. This mechanic is the main Spire of The Watcher Dungeon strategy and will be used in all stages up to the end.

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After a small but interesting jump puzzle, the first stage begins. It is pretty simple — you need to conduct energy twice, after which the elevator to the next floor is activated. This will need to be done three times, after which a chest with long-awaited loot will appear in front of you, as well as a passage to the first boss.

The first boss is Akelous, the Siren’s Current. The mechanics are the same — you have to energize four wires. This time, the generators are in the center of the location, making it easier for you to find the nodes. The boss will immediately fly to the last node as soon as it is connected. And here, the good old mechanics from Garden of Salvation awaits the players, namely shooting the eyes of the boss. After that, the damage phase starts, and Akelous will quickly walk toward the center of the arena. Once the boss reaches the center, it will push Guardians nearby, and the damage phase will end. Repeat all of the above until you defeat Akelous.

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The last Spire of The Watcher Dungeon boss is a Wyvern named Persys, Primordial Ruin. The arena consists of two rooms. And one of these places contains generators and Minotaurs, and the other room is just a Reactor. Five nodes are located in the center of the arena — two on the left, two on the right, and one above the door. Activating them all either closes or opens the door. At the beginning of the boss fight, we need to open it, but more on that later. After opening the door, you need to conduct energy from two randomly opened generators to the room with the Reactor. Now the most important thing — after you have powered the Reactor, you must run out of the room with him and close the door so that Persys, Primordial Ruin, remains inside. After that, the door will open, and the damage phase will begin. Repeat all of the above until you beat the boss. After that, Spire of the Watcher is complete!

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Spire of The Watcher Dungeon Weapons consists of legendaries from one of the most beloved companies of players, namely Tex Mechanica. Here you will find both the unique Double Fire Grenade Launcher and the Scout Rifle, which shoots like everyone’s favorite Dead Man’s Tale. Also, fans of Stasis and Crucible will be pleased with the Aggressive Sidearm, which has just a fantastic set of perks. Fans of Machine Guns also did not go unnoticed. They got a pleasing specimen that would be useful against crowds of mobs and against bosses. The beloved Seventh Seraph Carbine and Seventh Seraph Officer Revolver have also been returned.

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Well, how about a new exotic! This time Bungie prepared Solar Bow — Hierarchy of Needs. Its peculiarity lies in the unique Guidance Ring. Arrows fired through it release seeking projectiles, which do more damage based on distance traveled. You need to perform precision hits and final blows to get energy for this ring.

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In terms of Spire of The Watcher Dungeon Armor, we got a whole Cowboy Collection. Each class has its own beautiful hat on the helmet, which is very funny in the context of Destiny 2. We won’t talk about armor sets for too long, but we hope Bungie will release some season in the future in the old west style with blackjack and sparrow horses!

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Loot Table

Many of you have, at this part of the text, already asked yourself about the appearance of the Spire of The Watcher loot table in our article. And the answer is yes! By the time this article was published, the players had collected all the information on this account, and this is what we know for now:

First Encounter

Second Encounter

Third Encounter

We have reached the end of the article, and we hope you liked our Spire of The Watcher Dungeon overview! Be sure to tell your friends about this guide. We tried to make it the highest quality and most convenient way for any player. In case of a lack of time or good loadouts, we recommend you familiarize yourself with our Spire of the Watcher Dungeon Boost. Our professionals are ready to go through it in a matter of hours while collecting a variety of loot from it.

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