Sony Reveals Destiny 2: Lightfall Soundtrack

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Sony has offered fans an enticing preview of what’s to come in the upcoming expansion for Destiny 2, Lightfall. In anticipation of the expansion’s highly-anticipated release on February 28, the company has released two tantalizing samples of the game’s soundtrack on YouTube.

Under the name of “Battle Ready” and “CloudArk,” each piece encapsulates a unique set of emotions. They carry their own distinct narrative and purpose. The former was composed and performed by Michael Salvatori, Skye Lewin, Josh Mosser, and Michael Sechrist. While that, the latter was joined by Rotem Moav to craft a more enigmatic piece.


According to many, “Battle Ready” is potentially utilized during in-game combat. The composition is powerful and evocative. It ignites an intense yet hopeful feeling within its listeners. The dangerous and thrilling essence of the battlefield is captured within every beat and note. It evokes a strong sense of urgency and excitement that courses through its audiences’ veins the moment they give it a listen.


While that, “CloudArk” is thought to accompany the more narrative-driven gameplay segments. It also bears the trademark notes of the expansion. Albeit a lot more enigmatic, as if Guardians have yet to know what adversaries are waiting for them ahead.


Just a few hours ago, Sony unveiled a comprehensive list of 38 soundtracks that will feature in the upcoming expansion. If you’re interested, you can take a look at the complete 137-minute album or listen to them on SonySoundtracksVEVO.

Lightfall will introduce a new location and many incoming updates. One particularly noteworthy feature is the ability to skip the main campaign. To give fans a better idea of what to expect, Bungie has also released a ViDoc titled “As Light Falls,” which delves further into the expansion’s content.

If you’re struggling to keep up with the constant flow of information, don’t worry. We’ve compiled a comprehensive article covering everything you need to know about Destiny 2’s latest expansion.

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