Season of Plunder Story Review and Quests

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Eramis, the main antagonist of Beyond Light, has returned this season to find mysterious artifacts. We bet many of you have ditched Destiny 2 indefinitely and then had tons of questions about the story afterwards. Even newcomers to this shooter could start their adventure with the Season of Plunder campaign, asking such questions: Who is Eramis? Why was she frozen? Why does she hate The Traveler so much? Who are all these characters in the first cutscene, and why are they helping us? In this article, we are ready to help you deal with these questions and briefly explain the entire Eliksni history from the start to the end.

You’re curious about precisely what’s new this season? Be sure to check out the Season of Plunder Overview, where we detail all the most important things you need to know before playing. We strongly recommend reading it, as it is one of those articles that clearly brings you up to date with this season because it is a full-fledged Season of Plunder guide. Here we plunge to the very bottom to study the history and understand the context of everything that happens in here.

“Golden Age” of Eliksni

Long ago, like humanity, the Fallen were blessed by The Traveler. They call it The Great Machine. Just at this time, Eramis was born. Her future holds a story of the first contact with the Darkness itself and the rise of the House of Salvation. During this period, Eliksni controlled several star systems and actively developed advanced technologies. This continued until the event called the “Whirlwind” happened. The Eliksni were attacked by the Black Fleet, and terrible chaos ensued. The Traveler left them at this time, dooming them to die in this system. Eramis survived the “Whirlwind,” but she was furious because of the betrayal of the Great Machine. With other surviving Eliksni, she wanted to take revenge by any means. In a couple of centuries, Fallens will find The Traveler in the solar system, which has already blessed humanity. And so begins the first confrontation between the two races.

Source: Destinypedia

Beyond Light story

Many years later, a nameless Guardian, or our protagonist, went on a mission to Europe. His task was not the easiest — discovering and studying the mysterious pyramid that appeared in the solar system. At the same time, Ghost catches a signal for help from an old acquaintance Variks, who was betrayed by his own brethren. After a brutal battle with the Fallens, who suddenly have strange abilities, we learn from Variks that the same Eramis collects all the Houses of the Fallen under her House of Salvation. She lured everyone to Europa under the pretext of a new safe place in the City of Reese, but the Darkness changed her and made it possible to use Stasis for her. Understanding what power she had mastered, Eramis decided to teach all her relatives this unbridled power, and many began to suspect something was wrong. Many Fallens have tried to flee Europe, but as (it happened) with Variks, they are seen as traitors and get tortured.

While completing a task for a newly rescued friend, a voice contacts us and offers some kind of a gift. At the same time, Eris Morn arrives on the planet with the Drifter, who wants to meet the Exo Stranger, who also uses the energy of Stasis and fights Eramis’s wards. Our hero has explained one simple thing that now haunts all players to this day — there is no clear good or evil, but both can be used for good or vice versa. All this leads us to gain a new ability (the gift) and realize that even our sworn enemies can become partners and fight side by side with the guards to save the world. We accepted Stasis, and Variks got disappointed with us. He is afraid that the Guardian will go insane, like many of his relatives, who have become addicted to Darkness.

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In order to prove to him that we have complete control over the power of Darkness, we decide to eliminate all the commanders of Eramis and, at the same time, get to her. Once the Darkskele leader realizes she’s cornered, she’ll activate a Vex portal built by Clovis Bray to stop us. The Guardian entered Riis-Reborn to finally put an end to the distraught Eramis. The first fight with her takes place, after which she imprisons the Ghost and our hero in Stasis. The Guardian embraces the Darkness, allowing them to break free and defeat Eramis. Unable to control Stasis, Eramis imprisons herself, overturning her “last” look at the pyramid. After that, her story will continue in the Season of Plunger plot.

Season of Splicer Storyline

After various events in other seasons, the Vex are back again, but not empty-handed. They immerse the city in The Endless Night, a simulation where there is nothing but pitch darkness. Ikora says that Kell Mithrax from the House of Light can help to solve this gloomy problem.

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But who is Mithrax himself? Unlike Eramis, who saw the “Whirlwind” with her own eyes, Mithrax was born after it. And many players who have played Destiny 2 since its release could see him without knowing it. For example, his first appearance in the game was in the mission on Titan, where Mithrax ended up fighting against the Hive Knight. The Guardian ended up helping kill the Hive Knight and Mithrax as a thank you by giving up the methane reactor to the Guardian. The second time you could meet him was on the Farm, where he started the famous mission Zero Hour. Already at that time, he fought with Eramis, who wanted to get SIVA tech from a Cryptarch Vault.

The Guardian flies to Europe, where Mithrax meets him, and then, with his help, gets into the Vex Networks to destabilize it and take living data for analysis. When it was time to go back, the path began to change and Mithrax realized that there was another power working against him. At the very last moment the Guardian exits the network when the Hydras surround him.

Mithrax said that this data could significantly help deal with the Last City’s problem, but he doesn’t have time to study it due to the search for a safe place for Fallen. This results in Ikora allowing the House of Light to take up residence in the Last City and become part of it in complete safety. Mithrax agrees to this proposal.

And now, in the city, we meet the Kell with his people together with Osiris and Lakshmi-2. While he thanks the Guardian and Ikora, Lakshimi, who’s leader from Future War Cult, says they were let in by all the city’s inhabitants, and he must be careful because not every person will be hospitable with Eliksni under one roof. As it turns out later, the Exo woman is one of them, and she claimed that she allegedly looked into the future and saw how the House of Light destroyed the entire city. For this reason, the disturbance began in the city, and many even started attacking Eliksni for no reason. At one point, a group of people attacked their camp, destroying some of the supplies in the Bozo area.

All these events led to stricter rules in the city so that citizens stopped attacking the people of Mithrax, and everyone who broke them will be held accountable. At the same time, Lakshimi regrets what happened and states that she will help repair all the damage when Mythrax and the Guardian deal with The Endless Night. A little closer to the end of the season, we find out that this is all the work of Savathun and her possessed Hydra Quria, the Dreaming Mind. Unfortunately, by this time, Lakshimi seems to be going crazy and accusing the Vanguard of leading the city to destruction. Mithrax and the other Eliksni will still be at fault, in their opinion. In addition, Taken Influence appeared in The Tower, and Vanguard had to act immediately. Like in Season of Plunder, every week, the Guardian receives a new quest, but this season he goes online in search of the very Hydra, making his way through many streams and places. The last straw was that crowds of people ransacked the Eliksni Quarters, leaving Mithrax in dismay. And despite all the events that have occurred, Mithrax still helps us find Quria, and the Guardians successfully destroy it. Thus The Night has Ended. Not right away, but within a month. But the story has not.

Source: Bungie

Lakshmi and City Faction leaders continued to tell terrible things about Eliksni, and one day the head of the Cult of War opened a Vex portal to destroy the House of Light and accidentally let their city in, which eventually paid with her death. Mithrax had to stand up for his people before the enemy’s army, but the entire Vanguard came to his aid. They only saved his people but also closed the portal, ending all this madness. In the history of Destiny 2, these events led to a real celebration, when on that day, the two races saved the city from the Vex and uncovered the plot of the factions, and also in honor of those who died that day.

Season of Plunder storyline

And all of the above brings us to the Season of Plunder story in Destiny 2. In the Opening Cutscene, Eramis has a monologue in which she mentions Mithrax and despises his help to the Guardians and the Great Machine. After it, a quest begins, in which Drifter asks us for help; namely, he needs to save a specific load from the Fallen.

This cargo turns out to be a capsule with Spider, which, after being rescued, will lend us it’s ship for the pirate war with Eramis and will also be with us throughout the Season. At the end of the mission, we see that Eramis has freed herself from Stasis, and we understand that we must stop her.

Source: Bungie

After all this, our Guardian, Drifter, Mithrax and Eido meet in a bar where they discuss the whole situation and come to the decision to organize a pirate team and confront Eramis, although Mithrax is not happy with this idea, and the season questline begins. In the meantime, the Season of Plunder missions are very diverse. In one of them, you, along with the other five Guardians, go to board the enemy Ketch in order to find information about the coordinates of the treasure and also to eliminate the Captain of this ship. But real pirates won’t keep everything in one place, right? Therefore, we are going on an expedition to dig for treasure! Ultimately, we get coordinates for Pirate Hideouts, where dangerous relics are protected by pirate lords. Guardian quickly deals with all enemies and takes relics for research, which will be handled by Mithras and Rido. Eido, after studying it, warns us that it emits very dangerous dark energy, and we must be careful. Unfortunately, this is the final Destiny 2 Plunder quest that players currently have access to. But don’t be discouraged, for the adventure has only just begun, and our future is unknown.

And we told you only about the first week of the Season, and all the most interesting is yet to come! During the Season, we will learn about the dark past of Mithrax, as well as learn more about Drifter and Spider. Perhaps more story missions are waiting for us during the Season, but Bungie did not provide us with a Season of Plunder roadmap as they previously did last year. So it’s time to set sail and find out the plot yourself in Destiny 2 itself.

Source: Bungie

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