Top 10 Most Used Exotics in Season of Plunder

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Golden, shiny and beautiful Exotic weapons are always in fashion. Players like them not only for their appearance but also for their abilities, which in one case or another can be a Must Have. Exotics are always in demand, which is why today we will tell you about the most popular and best Exotics that will interest you in PVP and PVE activities.

Our list of the best and most popular will start with kinetic guns, then second slot weapons and, of course, heavy weapons. In a sense, this is the “Top 10 Exotic Weapons of Destiny 2“, and although the format of the article is in the form of a list and we wrote about the most popular ones, we could say it is still the top 10 Exotic weapons in the game. We will definitely tell you how to get them, but if you do not have the strength and time to farm them, then, in this case, you can buy top Destiny 2 Exotics from us. We finished with a lyrical digression and now sit down more comfortably, please. Let’s roll out!


Where to find it: Monument to Lost Light

At the time of the release of this gun in Season of the Arrivals, Witherhoard was already on everyone’s lips and was even called “Kinetic Anarchy”. But Destiny is moving forward, and Anarchy has been nerfed, but her successor is in her prime. Do you want to shoot once at the boss and continue to deal damage with a heavy weapon? Or do you hit the enemy once and forget about him? This weapon is perfect for you. And don’t forget about Catalyst, which significantly increases handling and gives you an excellent Silent Alarm perk, which will make you forget about reloading.

Touch of Malice

Where to find it: King’s Fall Raid (random drop)

The return of the legend did not pass without a Bang! With the new season, the Touch of Malice scout instantly flew into various Exotic weapon tier lists, and our list was no exception. This weapon is remarkable because it rewards its Guardian very well for taking big risks. The essence of the ToM perk is that it drains the life force of its carrier, and the player must kill opponents in order to replenish health. The bonus of such a perk is in additional damage, which is given by shooting the last bullet in the clip. Also, with precision hits, you regenerate health and create a ball of darkness that can blind nearby enemies and making them vulnerable to damage from Touch of Malice, Thorn and Osteo Striga.

In general, this scout rifle is great for PVP and PVE, but many people see its potential in Gambit; therefore, it goes into the top plunder weapons without any problems!


Where to find it: Exotic Engrams

Need a powerful weapon with anti-barrier ammo? Then feel free to use Arbalest. Excellent Linear Fusion Rifle, which helps out in any difficult situations in any activity where there are shields of all elements. If you’re going for raids, this gun will be a great source of damage if you run out of heavy. This applies to any end-game activity. Catalyst improves this Exotic several times because Arbalest will automatically recharge after destroying the enemy shield. Far from the best gun from the entire top, but extremely useful, which cannot be ignored.

Osteo Striga

Where to find it:”Vox Obscura” Exotic quest

One of the best Submachine Guns in the entire game and deservedly placed in the top 10 best Exotics in Destiny 2. Its unique twist is that it fires toxic bullets that chase the prey of your mark. After multiple precision hits or after making a final blow, you can activate the Toxic Overload perk, poisoning all nearby enemies. Of course, we shouldn’t forget about the Catalyst, which makes this gun with infinite bullets per minute. Every final poison blow returns ammo to the magazine, and this is manna from heaven for lovers of machine weapons. A great SMG that does its job at S+ in PVE and destroys any hordes like a domino effect. No wonder it’s so popular among Destiny players!

No Time to Explain

Where to find it: Obtained from Exo Stranger after completing the Beyond Light campaign.

The famous Pulse Rifle from original Destiny returned to us two years ago, and already in those days, it was the storm of the Crucible. Nowadays, it is always in the top ten guns in the Trials of Osiris. Why is that? It’s all about her impressive stats, as well as her archetype, with which she kills for two bursts in the head. But do not forget about the unique perk, which for ten precision shots and shots against combatants slowed or frozen by Stasis, opens a small portal, which shoots bullets. But don’t overlook this Pulse Rifle in PVE! Because shots in the crit spot will return to the magazine, you can shoot endlessly. No wonder this Exotic is one of the best weapons in the Season of Plunder.

Trinity Ghoul

Where to find it: Exotic Engrams.

Bow fans are all screaming with happiness right now as Trinity Ghoul made it to our top Exotics plunder list!

An incredibly powerful bow that fires arrows that split when released, dealing double damage. The second perk, Lightning Rod, on Trinity Ghoul, gives the player chain-lightning capabilities in the next shot if he makes precision kills, and that helps very much for guardians like you in PVE battles. The main advantage of this weapon is revealed along with the Catalyst, which triggers Lightning Rod whenever you make any Arc damage final blow. And to be honest, this is an absolute banger for killing any red-bar type of enemy in PVE activities! Watching crowds of enemies die with one shot is a pleasure, and this is one of the reasons why Trinity Ghoul is one of the best Destiny 2 Exotics on the list.


Where to find it: An Exotic quest in Shadowkeep.

You must have heard about the recent scandal about this gun, which arose for a reason. Divinity is a must for any raid and will also make nightfalls with annoying overload champions a lot easier. So what does she do? Not only can Divinity debuff enemies, but this Exotic creates an orb that is a considerable crit spot. All this makes this gun almost the strongest in the game. However, one problem is the way to get this Trace Rifle. You will not only have to complete the Garden of Salvation Raid but also solve 7 puzzles, but it is worth it because, in your hands, it will quickly become one of the best Season of Plunder weapons!

Le Monarque

Where to find it: Monument to Lost Light.

Although this bow was created for PVP, it has always been good in PVE as well. Its main feature is poison arrows, which can stun the combatant and spread poison to nearby ones. But everything is not so simple because the arrows need to be fired quickly after a full draw. However, with the Season of Plunder, his power has grown exponentially due to the fact that poison now stuns Overload Champions. Now, you can always take Le Monarque even when the seasonal artifact does not have the overload bow mod. In PVP, this Exotic monster, but only in capable hands because bows are far from being a simple weapon against guardians. So if you are a fan of bows – first of all, pay attention to Le Monarque in Monument to Lost Light.


Where to find it: Quest “And Out Fly the Wolves” from Shaw Han.

If you haven’t heard of Gjallarhorn, you should be ashamed. This rocket launcher is almost the mascot of Destiny from the first part. Toys, badges, fan service, what only Bungie didn’t do with this weapon… In any case, this gun became famous for a reason, but all thanks to its coolest perks with cluster bombs with fast reload and great damage, and everyone remembers it like everyone else called OVERPOWERED. In addition, you can give Wolfpack Rounds to your allies with standard rocket launchers every time you shoot. He-he-he, but we’re not done yet. You can drop a Catalyst, which grants the player one extra missile to the magazine, and when killing an enemy with Wolfpack Rounds’ final blows, it spawns a more vital and faster missile at the target’s location. Yep, it is still overpowered, and this is his irreplaceable feature!


Where to find it: Exotic engrams; extremely rare world drops; Gift of the Thunder Gods in Season of Plunder.

Despite the state of machine guns in Destiny 2, Thunderlord remains a favorite among players. Even despite the fact that there are better weapons, such as Lumina, this machine gun moves forward like a tank, and no obstacle will prevent it from achieving its goal – to be the best. Basically, this weapon is best used with Arc abilities as all of its perks are focused on it. Thus, Reign Havoc creates stunning lighting strikes every time when Guardian does final blows, which is very helpful in dealing with Overload Champions. Like all other Exotics, this weapon has a Catalyst, which gives this gun a Return Stroke perk. In a nutshell, every lightning strike instantly reloads it and is a helpful perk to have on hand. Otherwise, this machine gun is adored for good DPS, for fun to use, and for dealing with bosses and with the Thunderlord — this is a pleasure.

Bonus Weapon — Quicksilver Storm

Where to find it: you need to pre-order “LIghtfall + Annual Pass” DLC

This Exotic could have easily made it into our top popular Exotics. However, not many players have it due to its way of getting it. Nevertheless, at least it is worth our mention. His first Exotic perk launches a homing micro-rocket at your enemies after multiple hits, and the second one turns your Auto Rifle into a Grenade Launcher! Due to these traits, Quicksilver Storm does an inadequate amount of damage for a primary weapon and combined with Anti-barrier Auto Rifle, this Exotic would be a good choice for Nightfalls or other end game content.

This is the list we have for today. In this article, we mentioned not only the most popular but also 18 season best Exotics, and many of them really are. It is worth trying to get these weapons for permanent use or at least have them in your collection. Otherwise, we hope this guide was very useful, and you will share it with your friends. Remember that we can help you get these weapons, which we mentioned at the beginning of the text. By the way, we have written many other valuable articles on Destiny 2, such as the guide to King’s Fall Raid and its weapons, so be sure to check them out!

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