Destiny 2 Season 19: Lightfall Leaks

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Bungie’s lips are sealed when it comes to story and what course the game will take. But diligent players, by some means, always find a way to take a peek at what’s supposed to be a secret. On the evening of November 30, the Twitter account Destiny Leaks unveiled some information regarding the Strand subclass as well as the possible plot for the upcoming seasons of Lightfall expansion. However, the gameplay has yet to have any information. Keep in mind what you’re reading is not official news from the developers. Therefore, they won’t be 100% accurate. With that being said, let’s dive in.


The Strand is a subclass based on the flow of life and death. Its primal strength lies in movement and traversal.

There isn’t much regarding what the subclass’s abilities might be other than:


The Witness is in pursuit of a name-unknown item. They want to use the artifact on the Traveler to reach their final form. However, it’s being safeguarded by a new ally race of aliens. Who they are and where they come from are unknown.

Calus currently has control over the Pyramid ship on the moon. There is a possibility the Witness tells him to retrieve the item from our alien friends.

Our new friends teach us the Strand subclass to defeat Calus. However, we are late, and the Witness has their hands on the artifact, achieving the final form.

The Witness may make the Traveler and Calus’s Pyramid collide, birthing a massive portal. But for now, what’s in this portal and what it does is unknown.

The Pastebin of Destiny Leaks also mentioned a Venus-lookalike area with Titan cities.

Though there is not enough to form a complete picture of what’s going down in Destiny 2 future, it’s enough to spark up speculations. What about you? What do you think will happen in the next season?

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