Bungie Accidentally Leaked Season 23 Exotic Armor Changes

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Exotic Armor Season 23 Changes Leak


The D2 team reported that the information about the latest descriptions is entirely accurate. However, according to the developers, these are just some of the changes we may expect with the Season 23 release. Additionally, Bungie won’t replace recent descriptions from the latest patch, and modifications to Ahamkara’s Spine and Antaeus Wards Exotics were intentional to this update.

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Today, Bungie released a significant patch that reintroduced the Festival of the Lost to the MMO Shooter and fixed some bugs. However, the creators of Destiny 2 rarely release a patch without mistakes, so players have already discovered some tweaks in Exotics that were supposed to appear in Season 23.

A Reddit user under the nickname Voldernnn noticed that the descriptions of various Exotics in Destiny 2 have changed, but not their actual functionality. For example, armor pieces like ST0MP-EE5 and Karnstein Armlets have been improved, making them more useful in PvE. At the same time, Synthoceps, as previously mentioned in TWIDs, will undergo a PvP nerf but, in exchange, will receive a decent PvE buff. And these are just three Exotics found so far, and there could be even more. You can find more information in the original Reddit post:

It’s very curious to see how soon Bungie will respond to these differences in descriptions and whether they will keep them in the game. Most likely, we can expect their comments as early as tomorrow in TWID, but let’s not speculate ahead of time. Let’s just hope the developers won’t keep everything “secret” and will simply lay out all the cards on the table.

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are you going to be updating your solar and strand and arc builds for season 23? after the mod changes