Destiny 2 Best Raid Exotic Weapons — Best Dungeon Exotics

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Get ready for the ultimate Destiny 2 best Raid Exotics tier list with Dungeon Exotic weapons in one list!

Destiny 2 Best Raid Exotics Tier List

Ket Takeways:

  • In this list, you’ll find information about the best Exotics from Raids and Dungeons
  • We have categorized weapons into two groups: PvE and PvP. Each weapon reaches its full potential in different modes
  • Keep in mind that we’ve only covered the best weapons in these lists

Are you getting ready for the upcoming Pantheon, or do you want to update your loadout with a cool rare Exotic? Then, welcome to the list of the best Raid Exotic weapons in Destiny 2, in which we’ll describe the most promising of them. As a bonus, we’ve added Dungeon Exotics to answer the question about these weapons right away. So, sit back comfortably, and let’s get started!

Best Raid Exotic in Destiny 2 PvE + Best Dungeon Exotics for PvE

Best PvE Raid Exotics


Best Dungeon Exotic for PvE

If you don’t know what Gjallarhorn is — you’ve never been helpful to your team. Just kidding, of course, you can be useful, but you need to get this Rocket Launcher immediately to become even better. We didn’t put it so high in the Destiny 2 best Dungeon Exotics tier list just for fun. With its help, you’ll be able to provide your teammates with effective Rocket Launcher DPS Phases. Getting a Catalyst is especially recommended so the weapon can have an additional round in the magazine! Moreover, the fact that you are able to obtain Gjallarhorn from a quest makes it even more of a must-get!


Best Raid Exotic Weapon for PvE

Wish-Ender is a true must-have primary weapon in the endgame, and it is almost the Destiny 2 best Dungeon Exotic. All thanks to its incredibly high damage, the ability to penetrate enemies, allowing it to destroy a lot of enemies at a time, and the capability to destroy Barrier Champions. With this bow, you can easily deal with any opponent at a long distance. It’s no wonder why almost every Guardian uses it in GM Nightfalls!

Also, if you were wondering how to get Wish-Ender exotic bow in Destiny 2, we already answered this question in another guide.

Buried Bloodline

Destiny 2 Best Dungeon Exotics

Buried Bloodline is another D2 Dungeon Exotic that is great on its own, but it entirely shows itself in Builds that don’t have access to Healing Effects. For four Red Bar or one Stronger Enemy Final Blow, you get a Devour buff, which restores 100 HP with some Grenade Energy and extends its timer by performing enemy kills. In addition to this, Buried Bloodline has good DPS and Huge Reserves, so you are unlikely to run out of ammo. Don’t forget to earn a Catalyst because, with an active Devour buff, Buried Bloodline will apply a Weaken debuff on Enemies, making this Exotic even more effective.

Conditional Finality

Destiny 2 Best Raid Exotics Tier List

Conditional Finality is the first best Raid Exotic weapon in Destiny 2 tier list and a great special Shotgun to destroy Unstoppable/Barrier Champions and Major combatants. This shotgun achieves this with two elemental rounds, one freezing, and the other igniting. It shows itself well in different activities and is fun to use, but not everywhere is it convenient to equip. In Destiny 2 Pantheon, you have a great chance to obtain it easily!

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Legend of Acrius

Legend of Acrius

Legend of Acrius is the first Raid Exotic in Destiny 2 ever, and even after so many years, it has not lost its relevance. The main drawback of this Heavy Shotgun is Low Range, which is why Legend of Acrius in the “Good” tier in this Destiny 2 Raid Rxotic tier list. However, that’s compensated by colossal damage, which can be enhanced even more with a Catalyst. It’ll give this Shotgun not only an increased Mag Size, Reserves, and Reload Speed but also a Trench Barrel perk, which increases the damage of three shots by a whole 50% for a Melee Hit. If a Boss Fight takes place close to the Boss itself, then you are unlikely to find a better Heavy than Legend of Acrius.

One Thousand Voices

Best Raid Exotic for DPS

After its reserves buff in the Into the Light update, this old weapon has finally become a worthy competitor to many Heavy weaponry. Now, One Thousand Voices is one the best Raid Exotics in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish. In context, One Thousand Voices is a unique Heavy Fusion Rifle that fires a powerful Solar Beam. Although the Beam itself is pretty weak, it leaves behind delayed scorching explosions, causing huge amounts of damage. If you play on Solar and wear an Ember of Ashes aspect, then One Thousand Voices is going to cause Ignition with a single shot at the enemy, thereby increasing its DPS.


Anarchy best raid exotic

Anarchy was severely affected in the Season of the Lost, making it irrelevant for a long time. Fortunately, Grenade Launchers have undergone many Buffs as of right now, which caused this Exotic GL to approach its original form. The main feature of Anarchy is the shooting of Arc Bolts, which can connect with each other and cause damage over 10 seconds. You can use this for add-clear, or for dealing damage to Bosses and Mini-Bosses, if you attach two Arc Bolts to them. Of course, Dragon’s Breath does more damage when used solo, but Anarchy will be more effective if many Guardians use it.

The Navigator

Do you want to be a support and apply Woven Mail to your Teammates? Dreaming of effortlessly flying through Jump Puzzles on your Grapple? Or are you a fan of Strand Titan and need a Grapple Point to deal massive DPS? All this is possible with the help of Navigator, the first Strand Trace Rifle, and one of the best Dungeon Exotics in Destiny 2 Season of the Wish.

When firing continuously at an enemy with it, a Sever debuff will be applied, reducing the damage they deal. Firing at an ally will restore their 60HP, start Health Regeneration, and apply Woven Mail, granting Damage Resistance. All the while, Woven Mail will also be given to you, improving your survivability.

The main feature of the Navigator is its Catalyst, which allows creating Grapple Points that fully return Grenade Energy if you use your Grapple on them. Due to this Strand Titans can deal huge DPS, allowing them to kill Solo Raid Bosses. Without the Catalyst, Navigator would be much lower in our Destiny 2 Dungeon Exotic tier list.



If you are looking for a support gun during Boss fights, Divinity can easily serve this purpose! The Trace Rifle itself works like this: when you deal long sustained damage, your opponent receives a debuff, making them more susceptible to damage and thereby getting 15% more damage from any source. Also, it increases the crit target size, thanks to the large bubble that Divinity makes. 

Yes, those who familiar with Divinity will say it deserves a place in the Meta, but it has been significantly nerfed, and now it may only be useful in some places. Don’t get me wrong, it’s still an excellent weapon and one of the best Destiny 2 Raid Weapons for DPS, which performs well even with the Cenotaph Mask.

Best Raid Exotic in Destiny 2 PvP + Best Dungeon Exotics for PvP

Best PvP Raid Exotics

Conditional Finality

Conditional Finality

Certainly, Conditional Finality holds an honorable place as the best PvP Raid Exotic in Destiny 2 because of the ability to easily dominate players. This is a Shotgun (by default, a considerable danger to Guardians), capable of freezing your opponents, leaving them no chance. Moreover, with Conditional Finality, you can easily deal with Supers, making it simply the best Shotgun for PvP right now.

Vex Mythoclast

Vex Mythoclast

Despite the unfair nerf of Vex Mythoclast, it remains a decent choice because of its good Range and ease of use. Essentially, this Primary Fusion Rifle is a regular High-Impact Auto Rifle, but it is capable of shooting like LFR, which One-Shot any Guardian in Crit after 3 Final Blows in PvP. Additionally, the Catalyst helps you achieve Kill Streaks, as Final Blows in Auto Rifle Mode gives bonus Stability, Accuracy, and Damage, making Vex Mythoclast even more enjoyable.



Necrochasm is a decent 720 RPM Auto Rifle, having both pros and cons, and great potential to be the best Raid Exotic weapon for PvP. The first thing you will notice when playing with it is its rather low Range, due to which Submachine Guns will quickly shoot you down. Although this is an unpleasant fact, it is compensated by promising Recoil Direction and High Stability, making playing with Necrochasm very pleasant. The central feature, of course, is the Desperation Trait, due to which reloading after Precision Final Blow will significantly increase RPM, reaching 0.67 Time to Kill (TtK) at Tier 10 Resilience and 0.6 TtK at Tier 9 or below. 


Best Raid Exotics for PvP

Wish-Ender is not the best choice for PvP among all available Exotic bows due to slow draw time. Nevertheless, it fits well for competitive and Trials of Osiris, where team play pays off fully. And the thing is that you can see opponents through walls, granting your team an advantage over them.

Final Words

So, here is the entire tier list of the best Exotics from Raids and Dungeons! Be sure to share this list with your friends so you know which weapons are definitely worth trying to get! Don’t forget that you can easily obtain them using the help of Destiny 2 Services, where professional players open them for you in no time!

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