Destiny 2: Players Lost Seals, Triumphs, and Exotic Catalyst Progress

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Destiny 2 players are in dismay. Some of their hard-earned seals, triumphs, and exotic catalyst progress are missing post-reset.

A Seal is a coveted achievement. It rewards Guardians with a cosmetic title to showcase their in-game accomplishments. Earning a Seal takes a lot of work. It requires gamers to meet a large number of Triumphs. These range from simple tasks to challenging ones requiring significant time and effort. For example, completing a raid without anyone losing their life.

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Yet, after hotfix, Guardians discovered they had lost some of their titles. Triumphs show missing progress. Even worse, the finished ones no longer count as completed. It leads to the corresponding title being unusable.

Bungie is addressing the issue. They have brought the game offline so they can investigate further. The developer also assured their fanbase that they would provide updates once Destiny is back online.

After 20 hours of working diligently, Bungie has returned the Destiny 2 servers to their normal state. The studio has issued Patch to resolve the problem. It is now available on all platforms. Guardians can return to the game safe and sound.
The developers noted that they had to roll back the players’ accounts to the state they were in when the bug appeared. So, gamers will need to re-complete any quests that were not counted and re-purchase any cosmetic item they bought. The currency spent on them during the crash will be refunded.

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