Destiny 2: Players Choice for New Exotic Weapon Ornament

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In August, Bungie opened a players’ choice vote to decide which Exotic weapons should have a new ornament. And today, we have received the result. Arbalest Linear Fusion Rifle has won the absolute love of everyone. It surpassed both Sweet Business and Rat King to earn the most novel design by Destiny 2 community artist StellarStateLogic.

Among tons of unique ideas, three of Arbalest’s latest skin concepts were chosen to partake in another poll to pick out the best one:

You can participate in voting for your favorite potential ornament via the Bungie email on December 5. Don’t forget to look in your spam folder if you can’t find it in your inbox.

TWAB will soon announce the result on December 15. However, you will need to wait until Season 21 to see it in the game. The developers want to give the artist and those who work on this project enough time to perfect its appearance.

A TWAB-edition Community Focus will take place this Friday at 9 AM (PT). You can get to know more about StellarStateLogic, the talented creator of these designs.

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