Destiny 2 Player Kicked from The Game for Defeating an Enemy

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Destiny 2 Player Kicked from The Game for Defeating an Enemy

Defeating enemies lies at the core of Destiny 2’s gameplay. Yet, a Guardian is struggling as every time a foe falls at their hands, they are immediately kicked out of the game.

The Destiny 2 community recently witnessed an unusual incident. Just by taking down an enemy, Redditor noahap102401 was immediately sent to a red screen of attention. The game refused to let them reconnect. It was so frustrating that they had to seek assistance from the community. Fellow players were more than supportive to help them diagnose the problem. Some even joked that they should consider retiring from their role as a Guardian and take up fishing to cope with the situation.

In the end, it seems everything originated from the error code: MONKEY. noahap102401 is not the only player who is suffering from this glitch. That said, Bungie is aware of this MONKEY error and is actively working to resolve it.

This news comes as a relief to players who have encountered similar issues while trying to progress on their adventure.

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